Uk: Global Supporters, Please Sign Up to Support the Prince’s Rainforests Project






Wherever you are in the World,

Please give your support today the Prince’s Rainforests Project and add your voice to the many calling for urgent action to fight climate change by addressing rainforest destruction.

Rainforests wrap around the equator of the earth like a green belt. After millions of years of evolution, they are the most biologically rich ecosystems on our planet. Tropical rainforests contain a hugely rich diversity of species of plants and animals. They are also home to many different indigenous people, who have unique and treasured cultures.

The number of signatories will be shared with The Prince’s Rainforests Project’s partnership of governments, businesses and non-profits in December at the time of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, where the next global climate change agreement will be determined.

Sign up and help create a climate for change. Adding your name costs nothing, but without it, deforestation might just cost us the Earth. 

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Thank you – SAV.