Macedonia: ** UPDATE ** – Vardariste Pound; 11/10/09 – SAV Formally Writes to EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Requesting Investigation Into Conditions At, and EU Funding of Same.



Macedonia – Previous SAV posts:


11/10/09SAV have today presented a letter to the President of the European Union Animal Welfare Intergroup relating to the disgusting current animal pound situation at Vardariste, Macedonia, along with the EU funding at this time to the municipality of 100,000 Euros each year.

Links to all SAV have been provided as evidence, along with photographs taken within the pound on 05/09/09.

A copy of the letter provided to the EU Intergroup can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Caroline Lucas Letter – Macedonia 

Note – we ask that the the policy currently being adopted at Leskovac City in Serbia:

be used as a future animal population management programme by all municipalities and governments within Balkans states.




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