Comment: ‘Recent Comments’ on SAV.

Re ‘Recent Comments’.

Thank you very much to everyone for their comments concerning issues covered by this site.  Whilst the vast majority of your comments are very much appreciated and create a good discussion forum for everyone, we are once again ( as outlined in messages before) witnessing a (very) few comments which are being abusive to certain nations and all of their citizens.

Words such as ‘bastards’ and ‘hang them’ are cropping up regularly from some sectors.

We at SAV know as well as anyone what a traumatic issue campaigning for animal welfare improvements can be; a lot is witnessed on a daily basis during the compilation of this site.

But passing comment and describing the entire people’s of any nation on our planet as ‘bastards’, and declaring that they should ‘all be hung’, is way out of order in our book.

It must be remembered, that for every animal abuser in any nation of the world, there are many people in that same country who are fighting a daily battle to try and defend these same animals from abuse.  EVERY NATION HAS BAD PEOPLE, BUT EVERY NATION ALSO HAS MANY GOOD PEOPLE.  Please DO NOT class the entire population of any country on one issue or just one or two people who are shown on this site.  We work with the good animal defending people of many nations; it is their information which often allows us to expose what is happening around the world.  These people should and must be respected for what they do in defence of animals; putting them and their entire nation down because of any specific issue is not acceptable.

There is enough to do in keeping SAV going without having to edit and remove abusive and critical words and terms from some of the comments which are left.  All comments are read and verified as being acceptable (ie. Non abusive) before they are put onto the ‘Recent Comments’ section.

Any comments that are found to be of this nature in future will be completely trashed before they are even considered for displaying on the site.  Abusing other people’s and nations of the world gets us nowhere; we need to focus our attention and efforts into doing better for animals right across the globe.

We all get angry about what we see and are shown by the global animal welfare movement; that is only natural; as an Englishman, I am proud that the people of my nation are generally, on the whole, very animal welfare supportive.  I also know that there are some English people (a very small minority) who are abusive to animals; thus making a good and a bad mix in ‘my’ country.  I do not therefore brand all English people as either ‘good’ animal people or ‘bad’ animal people – England has a mixture and I accept that – I simply fight to try to be a good one and expose the bad ones and what they do – without ever getting offensive at them or their undertakings.  Angry yes, abusive no.

SAV was founded originally with the intention of being a voice for Serbian animals only.  I respect Serbian people, but know that they come in many different forms, as do we all.  Many Serbian people who I know personally as friends work tirelessly to defend Serbian animals from abuse and suffering which is caused by other Serbian people.  This ‘differnt forms’ can be reflected in the peoples of any nation in any part of the world. 

So please, keep the comments arriving at our door, but please work to ensure that respect is given to all nations and peoples of this world.  Do not judge an entire nation on the doings of one individual and reflect that in any comment.  And most importantly, please remember the good, animal supporting people of each nation as well as the bad, animal abusing people when comments are being made.

Personal insults get us nowhere; they simply lower the good people to the level of the bad.  That achieves nothing.


Mark – SAV London.

Saving Foxes, Killing Foxes – just one example.

There is good, and there is bad – EVERYWHERE !

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