Uk (England): Busy Times, So No SAV Updates. Hopefully Now Things May Change A Bit !!

Close up of above picture – sheep leg trapped between flooring of transporter.  This issue was resolved very soon after these photographs were taken.

Dear all;

This is a quick line to try and give an update on the current situation.

For several months now I have been involved with a new project aimed at fighting live animal transport within the EU.  Things are moving on and I hope to have very good news on this in a few weeks time – so watch this space as I will be informing everyone via SAV also.

And so, SAV has suffered as a result of the other very long and hard work associated with live animal transport work.  I am fully aware of this; please accept my apologies that SAV has not been getting its usual and fairly regular updates.

Now that the animal transport groundwork has really been established, I am desperate to get back to at least trying to provide more regular updates to SAV.  I am trying to keep several plates spinning, so unfortunately it is currently a case of something arrives on the site when there is time to produce it.

I trust you will understand the situation.

In the mean time, I would like to give you a little insight into the live animal transport campaign work which has been going on here in England, Uk.

I am providing below several links to reports which have been produced relating to the live transport of farm animals (sheep and calves) from Ramsgate port in SE England; to Calais in France.  As you will see from the reports, lots of information and photographs are obtained; all this information is provided to Uk Members of parliament (MP), European MEP’s and also to top Uk government Ministers at Defra, which is the Uk government ministry responsible for farm animal transport legislation enforcement.

We have a couple of live animal transport petitions which can be signed; the Uk one (No.10) unfortunately can only be signed by Uk citizens as it is directed specifically at the Uk government.

The EU 8 hour petition can be signed by all EU citizens – so please add youur name, as the petition will be finishing in November.

EU petition link  –

Uk Downing street petition link  – 

(Uk citizens only can sign).

Thanks and regards;


SAV – Kent, England, Uk.

Note that all of the individual reports contain photographs, some of which include animal suffering.

KALE Report J21

KALE Report J22

KALE Report J23 for sailing of 3 September 2011

KALE REPORT 9 September 2011

KALE Additional Data for J24 Report of 9 September 2011

KALE Report J25 for 15 september 2011

KALE Report J26 for 16 September Ramsgate Sailing

KALE PR Ramsgate Export Report J27 for 21 Sept 2011

Below is just a small selection of the photographs of live animal exports from the English port of Ramsgate, Kent; many of which feature in the above reports.

8 hours maximum journey time throughout Europe it must be for all animals being transported.  There is no other option !

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