England: 8/8/14 Is ‘World Cat Day’ – The BUAV Exposes Cats Born To Die In UK Labs – Watch the Footage, Please Sign the Petition – and Lots More.






BUAV Thunderclap


On the 8th of August, cat lovers around the world will celebrate a day dedicated to all things fantastic and fascinating about felines.

There will be homes up and down the UK where cats and kittens are lucky enough to spend their lives protected by the security of a loving family.

Sadly, behind other closed doors – not of homes but of laboratories – there will also be many other cats and kittens suffering in silence. This time last year, one of our investigators, Suzie, was undercover at a MSD Animal Health laboratory and reflects on the time she spent with the kittens used in research. Please read her words and take action to stop this suffering by signing up to our Thunderclap for World Cat Day to raise vital awareness about the investigation and to end these cruel and unnecessary practices.

“Last year I was working undercover at MSD Animal Health and got to know many kittens during my time there, including Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas and George. They were all inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But sadly these kittens never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet. Instead they were used and re-used in experiments and their precious lives terminated. I think about them often  and although we can’t save them, we can save others. Please take action and sign and share our petition today.

The first group of 15 kittens arrived on 13th May 2013 and – without knowing any life outside a laboratory – were killed on 22nd August 2013; their little bodies dissected and then dumped in a bin as waste. They were just 6 months old.

I feel terribly sad for the loss of those 15 little lives. These animals should have been in a loving home, spending their time playing and exploring. They should not have suffered and died in a laboratory. Please take action in their memory today. Action you take really does make a difference to the animals and together we can unite to end the suffering I had to see”.

Please share this message far and wide today.

Thank you.

Earlier this year, a BUAV investigation uncovered the shocking killing of kittens BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory.

Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas, George.  Inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But these poor little kittens were tragically born to die at MSD Animal Health, their precious lives terminated after just a few weeks.  They never got to know the love of a human family, the joy of playing outside.  They never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet.

Instead they were used and re-used again in experiments.

The kittens arrived at MSD Animal Health at just 8 weeks old, imported from Spain.  At just 10 weeks old staff started taking blood from them, sticking needles into their tiny veins.  Taking blood was a slow process and some of the kittens became distressed.

During the experiments, some of the kittens had ulcers on their tongues or lips. One was lame on her front right foot. Some were subdued while others had lost weight or suffered from very high temperatures of over 41 degrees.

On 22nd August 2013, 15 kittens were killed.  They were less than 6 months old.  Their little bodies dissected and then dumped in a bin as waste.

Please help the BUAV end the appalling killing of kittens, puppies and other animals BORN TO DIE in UK laboratories.

Sign the petition: http://bit.ly/MSDanimalhealth

Watch our film: http://youtu.be/Md69-iY84f0

Find out more: http://ourbestfriends.org/born-to-die

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBUAV

Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheBUAV


Sign and share   our petition   to help us end the appalling suffering and killing of kittens Born To Die in UK laboratories.









3 Responses

  1. animal experiments.

    I got by chance a few months ago a brochure about the background of the crime lab, very simple and understandable created by “Doctors against animal experiments ” (www.aerzte-gegen-tierversuche.de)

    “Animal experiments are not carried out for the benefit of man, but because influential interest groups benefit: experimenters, universities, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, contract laboratories, laboratory animal dealers, companies that make accessories – they all want that animal experiments be maintained.
    The quality of research is not measured by how many people could thereby be helped, but on the number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.
    The amount of research funding depends on it.
    The money is used for new studies.
    Something meaningful for sick people cannot get out of it “.

    After which he holds a wonderful brochure that makes the unsuspecting citizens mistrusting driven at the latest it in hand. He asked immediately: “how long I want to join this criminal idiocy and even pay for it out of my pocket.”

    And I cling of animal suffering; I’m talking only about the health risks associated with the laboratory research if it relies only on the results of animal experiments.
    I speak according to the logic of the average citizen.

    Currently we cannot write anything positive, animal experiments are alone because of the dirty propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry a big hit in the population, and this propaganda comes and shows us bare heads of children suffering from cancer and says that each of us should put himself in the position of this cancer patients, before he wants to demonstrate against experiments on animals.

    Thus, it appeals to the most easily manipulable basic feeling of mankind: the fear. In this way, the modern citizen of modern capitalism is the first and more stupid victim of the system laboratories.

    “The medicine would be much further without animal testing, because animal experiments hold on medical progress, because of its incorrect results!”

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