Serbia: Latest From Slavica 15/8/14 – Now They Threaten To Put Baby Deer ‘Nani’ Into A Zoo – We Request He Is Returned To Mrs Dragana Mitic.

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Dear friends

We send to You a mayday message :

We need e-mail addresses of ‘DeutscheWelleTV’ – they have the ok to go in our area and make TV report; and if You can help with more  international TV and  International internet news reaction or by contacting however – please.

It is very urgent because  hunters and police arrested 2 months baby deer  and took him from his home , now they want to put him into some Zoo. . First plan was slaughter, but because of our action the baby deer was saved from  slaughter; but now hunters  spread story that the baby deer  will be put  into a zoo.

First story was  that  hunter will put him to Nature into the forest – all alone; a 2 month old baby.


All Zoos all over world are animal jails , and especially zoos in Serbia which are extremely terrible jails.




baby deer 3


Mrs Dragana Mitic wants her baby deer back to her home, not to be sent to a zoo.

Baby deer is named ‘Nani’, and has no natural mother.  It wants to go home to Mrs Dragana Mitic – she cares about this baby and took care of him from very early in life when hunters killed his mother.

Mrs Dragana Mitic saved Nani`s first 2 months of life and now hunters and police officers arrested baby deer Nani.


By Serbian laws; Mrs Dragana Mitic has the  right  to receive  baby deer as she has ased for his returnk by the official way : Agreement from Minister of Agriculture for Nani be back to home; and Nani has the right to live like a member of Mrs Dragana Mitic family.

Nani suffers now with the hunters and he will always suffer in a Zoo jail; he will suffer to the end of his Life .




Past SAV posts associated with Serbian zoos:

We will never shy away from exposing the reality of

animal abuse and suffering – SAV.










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