Serbia: 4/10/14 – Hunters Kill Goat Kept With ‘Nani’ Using A Knife – And STILL NO RESPONSE From Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic Over Future of ‘Nani’ Deer !!! – Serbian Politicians, A Law Unto Themselves.

Serbian  Flag


serbia goat 2

He was a nice little African-Cameroon goat.

You saw  on pics from farm where Nani is, was female and male Cameroon goats.

Hunters killed him by knife – poor little, had no chance, was slaughtered yesterday.

Things like this one ,are typical for homo sapiens brutal animal species, this species  knows and do  hating and killing for fun – no  one species never  kill for enjoy- only  brutal morbid homo sapiens species, even doesn`t know what is its natural food .

I am very sad and only my feelings are Sad and deep Shame.



serbia goat 1

And below; the story from the past on the future of Nani Deer; as of today – 4/10/14 – still no decision on the future of Nani deer; despite intervention from the President.  See our recent post about this.

You could say Serbian politicians at the Ministry of Agriculture appear to do exactly what they want to do, rather than what the Constitutional laws of the country require !!!!

Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic  originally had 30 day for  acting  in agreement to Article 58. of Law of animal welfare – but she did not .

That is why I send  to her  a letter by which I remind her for her law obligation.

It is in opposite to law that state any organ  go to be silent – must answer
and the Answer must be in agreement to laws.

In agreement to Serbian laws this Minister must send  ( into 30 days  from
official Request  ) Decide about back Nani deer to Dragana Mitic and Nani`s
home,  because all evidences  speak to this form Decide.




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