England: 4/10/14 – World Animal Day – Live Exports 8 Hours Campaign – We Still Await A Response From EU Commissioner Borg.


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ValCameron180714_9140Photo: Val Cameron

4/10/14 – EU Live Animal Transport.

On 18/9 we had verbal communication from Commissioner Borg’s office at the EU that our official letter in relation to a maximum one off journey time of 8 hours for all farm animals in transport across the EU was being reviewed and that ‘issues were being addressed’.

We were also informed that we would have an official response from the Commissioner in the future.


To date, we have not yet had a formal reply to address our concerns expressed in our original letter; but as with all EU correspondence, it is a matter of waiting and waiting until something arrives.   We know and are very confident that we will get a formal response in time; but as yet it has not happened.  When things do progress; which we hope will be this month (October), we will reproduce the information onto this site.

Past links regarding our recent activity relating to the 8 hours campaign with the EU:


For a copy of our formal letter to Commissioner Borg, as well as excellent footage of the current (Dutch – J. Onderwater) export vessel ‘Joline’ by our campaigner friend Ian Driver at Ramsgate; the Kent port currently exporting live farm animals to mainland EU, please go to:



For the start of our 8 hour involvement this year, including a sample letter on the subject which can be copied and sent to Commissioner Borg, please go to:


More to come when we have a formal response from Commissioner Borg. 

In the meantime; we keep on waiting as we do with many ‘official’ things !!!


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