New Year Message.

Every year when the others enjoy their solemn table, covered with the body parts of a slaughtered animal, and send their faint hope for a better future with fireworks in the air, I celebrate my own party. I do not have many guests, we are only a few.

We are those who have saved this year one or more animals, we are the ones who saved the hope for life again this year. We are those who do not believe that the three kings bring a better future, we believe in action and fight! We are those who, despite despair and pain, despite mass murders and violent crimes against our animal creatures, despite a life that has even exceeded the hell of Dante, continue our crusade, on behalf of those who do not even get the right to life.

Because we are those who love the life, share life, we are the champions of the Renaissance of the animals.

For all my guests, for those who prove every day courage, nerve sensitivity in the fight for the rights of animals, I send my warmest wishes for a beautiful New Year, my solidarity, my respect.

And my love!


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