Tibet: Happy New Year From ‘Free Tibet’, London.

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Free Tibet (London) – http://freetibet.org/







Happy New Year?

free tibet new year Picture – FT

Dear Mark,

Lovely image isn’t it?

It shows Tibetan New Year celebrations in Lhasa… but manufactured by China.

Since 2008 many Tibetans have chosen not to celebrate their New Year – there seems precious little to be happy about.

No matter when China creates lavish festivities like these. Which is ironic when the government is determined to eradicate true Tibetan culture

Propaganda like this shows how desperate China is to hide the truth. Together we need to make sure they fail.

Together we made many positive impacts in 2014, exposing the lies and sharing the reality that lies beneath:

Thousands of us supported the worldwide campaign for Khenpo Kartse’s release and the UK government took up the case after we lobbied them. He was sentenced to two years six months – indisputably unjust but much shorter than expected.

Following an appeal from Free Tibet and others, the UN demanded information from China about jailed singers and two have now been released.

We forced Twitter and YouTube to take down hundreds of fake accounts which China hoped would spread their propaganda to millions.

Our innovative ‘Tibet: know the facts’ graphic has now been seen by over 250,000 people – spreading the truth across the world.

There are simply too many real stories coming out of Tibet for China to win. Can you help us combat China’s lies and share the truth in 2015 with a donation of £10?

Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari is part of the Tibetan exile community in India and is vice president of Gu Chu Sum, an association which provides support to ex-political prisoners and their families.

She has this message for you:

“I have so much faith in the power of the people. I’m sure a change is possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are. Please continue, the battle is still not over!”

Thank you for all the support you give our work – we simply couldn’t do it without you.


Eleanor, Free Tibet Director

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