Serbia: News From Felix 28/1/15 – Fiona and Morgan Doing Fine – New Morgan Video Footage.

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fiona paw amputated

fiona 28 feb

Fiona finally seems to be doing well at last.

Her second surgery was successful and the stitches have just been removed.

She looks a lot more cheerful after the protective collar she’s been wearing for days has been taken off.

Walking on three legs is obviously not a problem for her, she’s gotten accustomed to it pretty quickly. She’s still being kept in the cage for the main reason of her own safety, as she just might get re-injured if she starts to jump around before she’s completely ready.

Long story short, we dare to hope her story will have a happy ending after all.


Above – Morgan – Earlier Times – at the vets!

morgan 28 feb

Latest pose for the camera

Morgan’s not a kitten anymore, although he’s running and playing as if he is.

He’s grown a lot, put on some weight and is already a teenager, just like that!

He doesn’t seem to have any problems now, but considering his terrible reaction to the general anesthesia during the surgery performed a couple of months ago, we can’t be sure he’s completely healthy.

However, he’s obviously enjoying life now and we take a lot of delight in his happiness 🙂


Never stop having fun! – Video

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