UK: Fur Production In Serbia – One To Watch In Future !


SAV have very recently been in contact with Animal buddy Mark (Glover) who operates ‘Respect for Animals’; which like us, is an English organisation.

‘Respect’ deals about the fur trade / industry

– you can see lots more by visiting their site at

About Respect –

We have been informing Mark about the situation with Serbia and EU accession; and the possibility that Serbia could become more involved with fur farming once it becomes an EU member state; picking up from whwere other nations in the EU have eiter stopped or greatly reduced their fur farming establishments.

It is very early days, but we havetold Mark the situation and that Serbia needs to be a nation to watch for fur production in the future.

Mark and Respect have achieved a great forward movement in their work fighting the fur industry, and are the organisation that was pivotal in the UK banning fur production and fur farming.

We know that now Mark and Respect will be keeping watch on Serbia to see if there is any movement there with regard fur farming and fur production.  Obviously as a Serbian focussed campaign group with very many campaigner friens within Serbia; we will also all be watching the situation and will be able to relay information to Respect should it ever become necessary.

As we say in the UK:

It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat

– but only one to wear it !!

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