Serbia: Momo’s Story – From Shelter Azil Alex.

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Mike has recently produced this excellent rapp recording for the dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica.

Azil Alex

Momo’s story.

Momo is a dog who came in the shelter in 2012.
He was like an ugly duckling. Unlike other abandoned and discarded dogs that roam the streets trying to survive, Momo was bypassed by all. No one wanted to approach him, let alone dare to pet him. Children did not know what kind of creature he was, and the parents firmly kept them away from him.

Without the hand of salvation his days were numbered.


Then, one day, on a tip that some skinny, dirty and hairless dog is in the yard of the kindergarten, volunteers from the shelter “Alex” went to see how they can help him.

That day was a turning point in Momo’s life.

It was the chance he has been waiting and hoping for so long as time and people passed by him, and his condition was getting worse.

With less than a year old, Momo was diagnosed with tick borne disease and Demodex. He was immediately placed under treatment and volunteers were only hoping that it wasn’t too late. Momo, however, was lost and scared, but the gentle touch of a human hand and bowls of food made the fear slowly disappear, and the faith in people was gained back.

Over time, from ugly duckling Momo has become a real beauty. He overcame the tick-borne disease, and Demodex was gone as well. His white creamy coat is now long and thick. By nature he is very active and cheerful, and he uses his second chance to the fullest. He likes long walks and is a very good guard.

There’s just one wish that Momo has: his own home. If he could find his family Momo’s story would indeed have a happy ending. Although he does not get well with the other animals, with children he is excellent, and we are sure to somebody he would be an ideal new family member.

Momo is vaccinated, chipped, neutered and ready to be someone’s loyal friend for life.

Mike has recently produced this excellent rapp recording for the dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica.







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