China: A Huge Victory for Chinese Dogs – AND Petition: Don’t let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin’s dog-meat festivals!



Breaking News!!!

A Huge Victory for Chinese Dogs

After three days and 24 hour intensive negotiations, the Chinese activists formally secured the rescue of the 500 dogs in Kunming, Yunnan.

The dog meat trader bowed to the voices of justice and humanity and signed the consent to give up her right to the dogs. Government measures shall follow to punish violations of the dog meat trader.

Thank you Chinese activists. You are the greatest! – the photo shows activists who have participated in the rescue.

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Update on the Yunnan Dogs

Kunming, Yunan:
After more than 60 hours negotiation, the Chinese activists were able to get the officials to agree to unloading the dogs. There are about 500 dogs on this truck bound for a slaughterhouse. Some dogs did not survive. More than 60 activists from across the country are working at this moment to unload the dogs. These young Chinese activists ARE AMAZING! They are the hope of the destruction of China’s dog meat trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all who have show support and compassion!!!

Kunming, Yunnan, June 28: Chinese activists discovered a truck loaded with some 400 or so dogs of various breeds on a highway near Kunming, provincial capital of Yunnan in Southwest China. Activists have pursued a five-hour chase, contacted law enforcement, and are gathering volunteers to intercept it. Dogs on board are suffering from high heat, hunger, thirst and weeks of abuse in the hands of the dog meat traders. These dogs are suspected of being stolen from people’s backyards. It is still too early to say if the dogs will be successfully rescued. But the leading activists, Humane Society International partner group members, are trying.



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Don’t let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin’s dog-meat festivals!

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