USA: American Dentist ‘Walter Palmer’ Shoots Famous Zimbabwe Lion (Cecil) With Bow and Arrow – So Useless At Being A ‘Hunter’ It Results In The Lion Having To Be Shot 40 Hours Of Agony Later.


Not just Cecil, which is disgusting enough, but Palmer is probably responsible now for the further deaths of Cecil’s six cubs which will be killed by another male lion.

The animal had a GPS collar fitted for a research project by UK-based Oxford University that allowed authorities to track its movements. The hunters tried to destroy it, but failed, according to the ZCTF.

On Monday, the head of the ZCTF told the BBC that Cecil “never bothered anybody” and was “one of the most beautiful animals to look at”.

The six cubs of Cecil will now be killed by the new male lion in the pride, Johnny Rodrigues added, in order to encourage the lionesses to mate with him.


29/7 further updates – looks as if Walter Palmer has gone on the run.

Suggest you look at the CNN last link as it appears Mr. Palmer may have past links with the illegal killing of a bear.  Lets hope that the book and everything possible is thrown at him and his hunter friends; all trying to buck pass over to each other at the moment !

BBC – Zimbabwean pair appear in court over Cecil the lion killing

Whats Up ? – So called ‘Hunter’ Theo Bronkhorst does not have such a smile now – see other photos.  The two Zimbabwean men, who accompanied him on the hunt, could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.  They are and lets hope they get the full term.

The other one is called ‘Honest’ – honest he is is NOT ! – maybe he should be called ‘moneyloverkiller’.

Killing of Cecil the lion prompts calls for EU ban on importing lion trophies

Cecil the lion’s killer revealed as American dentist

Walter Palmer: Leopard, rhino and bison among other big game hunted and killed by US dentist

Photos 1 – 4 below – thanks to the Daily Mirror UK newspaper – London.

 Mirror 1 mirror 2

mirror 3

mirror 4

Cecil the lion: Ricky Gervais and Cara Delevingne lead outpouring of anger after trophy hunter is identified as Walter Palmer

The Entire Internet Is Outraged Over the Hunting of Cecil the Lion

Zimbabwean officials: American man wanted in killing of Cecil the lion

– click on this link to see the video report about the Brown bear killing in the past.


Further Update – another new petition:

Shows how much money American dentists charge their customers when they can undertake ‘hunting ??’ trips like this.

Cecil the Lion was lured from his home, shot with a crossbow, then shot with a gun, beheaded and skinned.

Prosecute the American dentist accused of committing this horrible atrocity.

Cecil justice petition links –



Bet Your Not Smiling So Much This Morning !

**  Palmer owns the River Bluff Dental practice in

Bloomington, Minnesota **

dental practice

Lots of comments in the following:   

dentist 1

An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion

 Taylor Hill is TakePart’s associate environment and wildlife editor.

New reports reveal that Cecil’s killer was a U.S. citizen who paid $50,000 to have the 13-year-old male lured out of the park boundaries with bait.

Cecil the lion, a famous black-maned resident of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, died at the hands of an American dentist, conservationists claim.

They say Walter Palmer paid $50,000 to hunt and kill Cecil with a bow and arrow. The incident occurred around July 6, with a professional hunting outfit reportedly luring Cecil outside the boundaries of the protected reserve using a dead animal as bait.

“Mr. Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow but this shot didn’t kill him,” Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said in a statement. “They tracked him down and found him 40 hours later when they shot him with a gun.

Cecil, who was known all over the world would have earned millions of dollars just from sightseeing. Walter Palmer apparently paid $50,000 for the kill.”

It wasn’t the first kill for Palmer, who has multiple photos posted on the website Trophy Hunt America showing the Minnesota resident posing with dead lions, rhinos, water buffalo, warthogs, and other animals.

The Telegraph is reporting from two independent sources that Palmer was indeed the hunter listed on the permit documents, and a spokesperson for Palmer told the news outlet that Palmer believes he is the one responsible for the lion’s death.

RELATED: Airline Takes On Big Game Hunters to Protect Rhinos, Lions, and Elephants

“As far as I understand, Walter believes that he might have shot that lion that has been referred to as Cecil,” the spokesperson said. “What he’ll tell you is that he had the proper legal permits and he had hired several professional guides, so he’s not denying that he may be the person who shot this lion. He is a big-game hunter; he hunts the world over.”


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This Texas Cheerleader Likes Killing Lions and Smiling in Photos With Their Carcasses

In a statement sent to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Walter said he didn’t know the lion he killed was a local favorite, or that it was radio-collared for study by Oxford University professors. 

“I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt,” tthe statement said. “Again, I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.”

Theo Bronkhorst—the professional hunter who led Palmer to Cecil—and another hunter associated with the baiting, have reportedly been arrested by Zimbabwe police over the death of Cecil. The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said they are trying to reach Palmer regarding the illegal hunt, and he could face poaching charges.

The Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association said they have suspended Bronkhorst indefinitely from the organization for the way the hunt was carried out.

“ZPHGA reiterates it will not tolerate any illegal hunting or any unethical practices by any of its members and their staff,” the organization said in a statement. “We will await the completion of the current investigation by Zimbabwe Parks Wildlife Management Authority before commenting any further.”

Park rangers and regular visitors knew the 13-year-old lion as a tourist attraction, easily approached by safari guide jeeps for photo opportunities. Cecil had a propensity for lounging in the middle of roads, said Bryan Orford, a former park guide and a longtime visitor to Hwange. Hunting such an easy target only made the killing of Cecil even more wrong, he said.

“I used to drive down the railway line road following Cecil and had to wait for him to get off the road,” Orford told TakePart last week. “This walking in front of the vehicle would go on for ages. Other times he would lie in the road, and you had to drive off the road to go around him.”

The death of Cecil not only means one less endangered African lion in the world but also could mean the demise of a whole line of cubs sired by the leader of the Hwange pride.

The saddest part of all is that now that Cecil is dead, the next lion in the hierarchy Jericho will most likely kill all Cecil’s cubs so that he can insert his own bloodline into the females,” Rodrigues said. “This is standard procedure for lions.”

Now, conservationists and animal activists are flocking to a petition asking Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to stop issuing hunting permits that allow for the killing of endangered animals. The petition was started July 22 and has picked up steam with the revealing of the hunter’s name. More than 90,000 have signed the Care2 petition as of Tuesday afternoon.

 Cecil the lion video link –


The big man dead beat hunter photo selection

 dentist 2

 Walt Palmer (right) with a White Rhino he shot in South Africa.

Photo: Trophy Hunt America

Below – Palmer with a Cape Buffalo. (Photo: Trophy Hunt America)

 dentist 3

dentist 4

Above – Walter Palmer poses with a warthog. (Photo: Trophy Hunt America)  

Cecil24 july 2

RIP Majestic Cecil – free from ‘big hunter men tossers’ like Palmer




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