Serbia / Italy: The Links Between Hunting Endangered (EU Red List) Birds.

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Here following is lots of info from Vesna regarding the hunting of Turtle Doves and Quail.  Lots of it is taken by Italian hunters who go into Serbia and then sell the hunted product back to Italian restaurants.  There is little action by the Serbian authorities to prevent it, despite EU restrictions; EU Red Lists on hunted species and huge financial support for Serbia from the EU.

We were asked to do an English version of this data from Vesna but we feel that very little needs to be changed – and also there is a lot to review and amend.  So we are publishing the full data from Vesna.

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Dear all,

The situation in the whole of Serbia the same, no difference from north to south.

Money that Serbia received from the EU through the IPA funds, EUR 203 million, alone in 2013.  is not known where was spent because the situation in Serbia has not changed much since 2013. And still the executive power does not respect and does not apply the applicable law and not EU legislation in the field of nature, although the domestic Law on Nature Protection registered Article,  to EU legislation has applied in domestic legislation. But this does not apply.

The latest debacle shows that the executive and legislative power have the greatest impact profiteers and tycoons, is passing amendments to the Regulations on closed hunting  season.

In this case, it is for one month, from 28 June 2015 to 29 July 2015 changed 3 times. To the end it turned out that despite the ban handed down turtle dove hunting, can be hunted, and this year, which is a kind of degraded Regulations, turtle dove Streptopelia turtur, which is located on the European Red list of endangered species will be killed this year in Serbia. This was done for the profiteers in the field of hunting, which have ravaged the fauna of Serbia.

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In addition, the EU has long been banned all exports of meat of game from Serbia to the EU. (Council Regulalation  No. 338/97 of 9.December 1996 on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein) .

In the hunt for turtle doves and quail comes a lot of Italians who will defiance smuggle the corpses of birds in Italy.  One killed the turtle dove here costs 2.5 Euros, and the moment  arrive in Italy, Minimum cost  is 25 Euros, the resale for restaurants, the price reaches over 50 Euros per bird. The same applies to quail, which the European Red List has the status of sparse species.

Quail and turtle doves are species of international importance and in the majority of European countries hunting both species is prohibited.

In Serbia hunt both species begins 01.08. and lasts until 30.09. and that the playing time, ie. raising cubs in August, and September is the time of peak migration of birds from northern Europe, where they are fully protected from hunting. For Serbia fields falling exhausted from a grueling migration, to rest, feed and water, and then in moments of greatest exhaustion flocks, gathering hunters and kills everybody. None flock that was discovered by hunters, occurred on the territory of Serbia, no longer flew.

So protection pursued by the Northern European countries and the money spent in conservation, here, on the territory of Serbia, everything is cancelled, the mass killing of birds in migration.
I forgot to mention that over Serbia, from north to south migratory corridor for Africa, and for birds migrating in Central Asia.

**  In short, Serbia does not respect and do not apply the EU Directive on the conservation of wild birds in 2009 (Directive 2009/147 / EC, 30th November 2009)As Bern and the Bonn Convention on the conservation of wild fauna and its habitats.  **

Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of quail would not even discuss a turtle dove protect it for 1 month during the closed season or during the hunt is this decision reversed and allow hunting.

Today, 01.08. he began to hunt for turtle doves and quails, with a strong zeal of hunters, they are angry and want to kill as height can, I have no doubt that will happen. This is due to what was first hunting was banned, which led them to anger, and then a few days before the start of hunting, hunting is allowed, and now they will carry out revenge against the poor birds.

In short, the authorities in Serbia wants money from the EU but will not respect its own laws and even less EU legislation. Stakeholders and profiteers continue to tailor policies and legislation in Serbia and it is not, the debacle of turtle doves clearly visible for us.

serb hunt 3

Authorities in Serbia know that exports of meat of wild animals is prohibited in the EU and know that they will be smuggling corpses of birds in the EU, but do nothing to prevent it, but to make all help to carry out smuggling.

In short, we in Serbia, we can to deal with everything, what is written and Slavica, we need the help of the EU, which is funded and supported by our government.

If, and this can help to improve the text, asylums and abandoned animals is not the only problem, **  no local government does not apply the Law on Veterinary and Animal Welfare Act.  **

I apologize for the bad English, with the help of Google translator and dictionary. I hope you’ll understand.

P.S. Oral vaccination of wild animals is carried out, provided the information and photographs from some areas in Serbia, where people find a vaccine and photographed, the last thing I received photos of the vaccine in reserve Great Bustards/ North Serbia.

There is no longer a local declaration of rabies as earlier worked to hunters killing cats and dogs in the streets or at the periphery of the village.  As well as the massacres of foxes in nature, which they consider to vermin. We still have no evidence that vaccination conducted regularly throughout the territory of Serbia.

Kind Regards – Vesna


I’m glad you understand this.

This shame of our Ministry and Government who could not protect the turtle dove, to even a month after that, made a different decision and allow hunting on them, and knowing that he is on the Red List, and that is a migratory species, speaks of undue influence on executive power . The Minister can not change policies or laws passed by the Assembly of Serbia.

Especially considering that the hunting lobby has too much influence on executive power, and according to their needs, quail was not even a topic, nor the disaster that befell the whole of Serbia, the Law on wildlife and hunting, is explicitly prohibited hunting. Hunting is started from 01.08. as if nothing is happening.

It all speaks to us about the abuse of power, laziness competent state authorities, who do not do anything, and delay as much as possible, that the hunt is over.

From 01.09. begins hunting of waterfowl which are also very vulnerable due to the disappearance of water mirrors and lack of food, even if daytime temperatures fall, no rain and will need a lot of rain to recover nature and it is the habitat of wild species.

Because of this, our government must make yourself and respect our laws and international treaties, directives on the protection of wild fauna.

About all this, we have to write to the European Commission, the department for the protection of nature and biodiversity, and for that we need excellent English translation.

Mark is our long-time friend, he understands everything we write and understand fully the situation in Serbia.

Also, aid from Germany would be excellent, our government reps in Germany has good friends and the politicians who support them, they should warn them that this is what they are doing is not acceptable to the EU community.

Also, aid from Germany would be excellent, our government in Germany has good friends and the politicians who support them, they should warn them that this is what they are doing is not acceptable to the EU community.

This embarrassment about 3 amending the Regulations on closed hunting season, for the purposes of hunting organizations and lobbyists, must be heard and must be known. This is not and can not be done.


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In Italy, the hunt begins the last week of September, and by then most of the birds went to migrate. Now, no hunting in Italy.

In Serbia, the benefits of Italian hunters have hunting agency and hunting associations and lobbyists, nobody else.

In Italy, the hunting is strictly controlled and very expensive, rigorous penalties, and most parts of Italy is prohibited for hunting.

In Serbia, all the cons. Voracious Italians coming to Serbia and kill all of them. Like most other birds, larks and pipits, which are prohibited for hunting, but who cares?

2012 we had an charge for two Italians who have made a massacre Pipit, sparrows and other small songbirds, for a couple of hours of the morning hunting, they killed 89 birds.

We have somewhere these pictures.

Regards, Vesna

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