Turkey: Demand An INVESTIGATION for 300 dogs that have been destroyed by the Municipality of Uşak.




We demand INVESTIGATION for 300 dogs that have been destroyed by the Municipality of Uşak.  

In Civril that is 59 km away from the Usak city, the police officers were suspicious about a parked truck trailer and requested to look inside the trailer to investigate.

There were about 300 dogs loaded in the trailer and around 50 dogs were already dead.

turkey dead dogs

The driver testified that the transportion company he worked for, has had a contract with the Municipality of Usak to transport the dogs to Civril.

The Police informed Can Güllübas who is responsible of the shelter at Civril.

Can Güllübaş arrived, unloaded all the dogs and reloaded the live dogs back on the trailer to be sent back to Uşak. The police have released the driver and the truck trailer to take the dogs back to the shelter in Uşak under terrible conditions.

Since then, the driver and the trailer loaded with dogs can not be found.

Animal welfare society in Usak had previously reported that they were very surprised to see so few dogs in the shelter located at Usak and according to their statement, the dogs were originally loaded on this trailer by the people working at the shelter in Usak.


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