Serbia: Hope For ‘Hope’ – Can You Give To Help Her Medical Costs ?

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The Story

‘Hope’ is a dog that is old at the estimate of the veterinarian about 12 years.

She lived on the street for about 10 years, of which 3 years lived with a huge tumor.

Surgery was on 4.05.2015. after which she went to chemotherapy that is not finished until the end, but unfortunately since the tumor was malignant, it then returned and is currently veterinarians are fighting for her life.

Please give anything for any help for her. The operation will be long and difficult and the cost very high.

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To donate to help pay for the surgery  – please go to

Thank you – please give anything you can.

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Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest News – Valerie Had Her Right Rear Leg Operated On; A Few Weeks And She Should Be Walking Fine !

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We deeply apologize for the week-long silence but our lives have been a bit of a roller coaster lately.

Sneska has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease which resulted in uremic stomatitis; Tabazija has developed megacolon. Both of them are under treatment and their condition is stable, at least for now, so Valerie’s surgery had to be our top priority.

Valerie had her right rear leg operated on a few days ago and everything went well, so we’re hoping this will be the last trauma she will be forced to go through. The vet managed to save her leg by basically breaking her incorrectly healed knee joint again and fixing it into the proper position with screws which are supposed to be removed in approximately two weeks time.

She will be kept in a cage for a while, but when she completely recovers, she is expected to walk normally again.

We’re immensely grateful to all of the wonderful people who have unselfishly helped this sweet girl and have given her the chance to live a life worth living!

Not even saying thank you a thousand times would be enough to express our immense gratitude!

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Serbia: RECOMMENDATION on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas – like all Serbian animal welfare law – a complete mockery of reality !

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RECOMMENDATION on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas during periods of adverse weather conditions

Users of hunting in areas with adverse weather conditions, it is recommended that, in consultation with the competent hunting inspector:

  • reinforce control of the general condition of wildlife and its habitat in the hunting grounds and take all necessary measures for the protection of wildlife, primarily measures: continuous provision of water in the bushes, protect wildlife from illegal hunting, protection and conservation of habitats, as well as other statutory measures,

  • take the necessary measures to prevent damage caused by wildlife on the property of legal entities and individuals, to educate the local population with regard to measures taken to protect the property from damage that can by game, and to take the necessary measures regarding the prevention of damage to wildlife,

  • activate the available human and material resources to the prevention of a possible fire, as well as to assist in extinguishing the fire site active, always taking care of wildlife in hunting grounds.

We should also pay attention to the education of the local population about the dangers and risks of unsolicited and uncontrolled burning stubble fields, reeds, grasses and other vegetation in the hunting grounds.

In conditions of high temperature, pay particular attention to the proper handling of harvested game (move, transfer, or transportation of the hunted game, with the pertinent parts of the city with the shooting in the hunting ground to the place of official controls) and taking measures to manipulation and transport is performed according to the procedure and the way safe for human health.


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Hi Mark,

Hunting quail and turtle doves, migratory species is in full force. Also on the dove and wood pigeon, wild boar and roe deer, fox hunting lasts all year.

Hunters widely used BANNED electronic decoys for Quail. Therefore, killing large numbers of quail that gather around the decoy. (electronic sound invocation, same like voice of quail. ) You know what is this?

After our letters to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection – Directorate for Forests of 7 August 2015 to suspend the hunt for natural disasters, finally published the poor text “Recommendations on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas during periods of adverse weather conditions.”  12. August 2015.

The text can be read here (or at the start of this post):

How they write “unfavorable weather conditions” hunting is suspended, clearly states in Article 76, paragraph 1 Count 1. Law on Wildlife and Hunting (Official Gazette No. 18/2010).

From 1 July to 16 August 2015. mean daily temperatures were below 31 C, still about 35 C, even during July and up to 40 C,  without rain. Yesterday, 17.08. outside temperature dropped to slightly below 30 C  and little rain fell in Serbia, reporting to the media about the decay of the crop and the drought and the problems that people have because of natural disasters.

It was not initiated by the Forest Administration to comply with the law and the protection of wild animals from the hunting and persecution and harassment, but to protect hunting associations and hunting lobby that will trap quail and turtledove and earn a lots of money.

From which we can draw the conclusion that the laws are not respected and enforced.

Attached you can see what we wrote Forestry Administration.  Use Google translation. 🙂

After all, it is clear that it will not comply with the Act, we filed criminal charges against the responsible civil servants in the Directorate for Forests  ..

After finish the rest of the EU Commission, we must prepare a text about everything that’s going on here, 18 of the 25 EU countries hunting quail and turtledove is banned, Serbia is a migratory corridor and this savagery can not be tolerated. Albania has completely banned hunting and as I heard the ban will be extended to 2019. good.

We did not  Cyprus, Malta or Lebanon.  Migration is one of the strongest instincts of migratory birds and is very hard for them, is not humane and it is not acceptable to kill them during migration. Of course,  it is not humane nor necessary to kill anyone but the reality is harsh.

I hope you’ll help us around the text.

In the next email, I’ll prepare for you and SAV,  photos Massacre songbirds, 2 Italians, 89 birds, a couple of hours morning.

The two Italians were caught, and the day before they are caught, we know that because we have information, that  they kill songbirds, they were in the south of Serbia in Bujanovac. That day they killed nearly 400 birds,  that police did not even want to look and found no corpses.  After more than 2 years we have received the documents from the case of the prosecution Vranje.

Were punished symbolically 4 policemen, the chief of hunting Bujanovac who hid the slain bird and the driver of the Italians.

Through Interpol,  the two Italians have been found in Italy and gave statements, just as we heard that was going on, they are paid on all hands, and went and killed what they want and are doing,  so for years.
Our prosecution did not know or did not want to apply a fine nor compensation for slaughtered birds, which then amounted to about 15,000 euros.

For hunting, they used an illicit gun with five bullets, and so they made a massacre.

Since then, year 2012. they do not come to Serbia.

p.s. Please fix mistakes, if something is not clear, I’ll explain.

Kind Regards