Thailand: Team Member ‘Twinnsie’ Gives Us An Update And Great Street Dog Sterilisation News.



Whilst we were just adding the info and video link about ‘Twinnsie’ to ‘About Us’   today, when we have been sent the following message from the same team member !

As you can read below, it is great to see that at least some authorities have faith in the belief that sterilisation in street animals is the way forward to reducing their numbers – what a pity that the Serbian government is so very short sighted !

Here is the message sent to us today from Twinnsie:


Dear Mark,

Hi there, it is your sponsor dog Twinnsie here. I may have told you before how nervous I am and how I can never go on walks? Well, something amazing has happened! There was this long-term volunteer here at Soi Dog recently that really gained my trust and helped me feel much more confident. Before I knew it she was taking me on daily walks around the lake! It is so exciting to be able to get out and about, even though I still get nervous to walk past other people and I continue to shy away from many things whilst on the lead. If you find it hard to believe that it is actually me in the picture, it is because I have also had a haircut! Of course, I am still very shy and nervous and very few volunteers are able to approach me. They say I am still a long way away from being a well socialised pet, but I am in the best of places to learn trust. I am so grateful to you for being my sponsor and for your continued confidence in me. It means a lot!

That is enough from me for now. Let me instead tell you some of the stuff that is going on at the shelter.

So far, 2015 has already been a life changing year for countless animals here. The Adoptions Team has been working very hard to not only find forever homes for an increasing number of dogs rescued from the dog meat trade, but also for many of the longer term residents at our shelter here in Phuket. No less than 17 sponsor dogs have been adopted this year! Many of these have already completed their required quarantine periods and left for their forever homes somewhere in the world. We are glad to hear reports that all the ones that have already left, are happily settling into their new loving homes where care is being put into meeting all their individual personalities and needs. This is a testimony to the efforts of the adoptions team to match each dog with the right adopter!

Some of the adopted sponsor dogs will still require ongoing medical care for chronic conditions and some will need a lot of tender loving care to really blossom and overcome their shyness. Some others are quite advanced in years already, but we are so glad to hear that even so, these dogs have been given a chance to live out their lives in loving families of their own!

So it is great to know that the adoptions are going well and that many people decide to take a Soi dog into their lives. It is also great that our new dog hospital here at the shelter is coming along according to plan and that we can look forward to having really high standard veterinary facilities within the near future. There is still some fundraising going on for equipment and such, but the building is almost there. They say they hope to be able to open the doors to the patients within October.

In addition, you may be glad to know that Soi Dog has now started running mobile sterilization clinics outside of Phuket, in the province of Phang Nga. In order to humanely reduce the street dog populations and reduce their suffering from diseases, you need to target one area at a time until at least 70-80% of the animals there have been sterilised and vaccinated. With over 80,000 animals neutered on Phuket, this target has now been achieved. Phuket has also been declared the first rabies free province in Thailand, thanks to the Soi Dog vaccination program.

While the mobile clinic is now helping dogs outside the island, on Phuket extra effort is being put into sterilising more of the stray cat population too. Our shelter vets are now dedicating an increasing number of days to sterilising more cats on the island.

There are also plans to initiate large scale sterilisation and vaccination programs in Bangkok (which is home to almost one million stray dogs) before the end of this year.

So you can hear that everyone has been very busy as usual!

Thank you so much for being a part of all this and thank you for caring particularly about me! I am very lucky to have you sponsoring me.

Woofs and licks,


Twinnsie before the haircut:  

Serbia: Please Help The Street Family.

Serbian Flag

street family


The money that is being asked to help this family is not a lot – we have donated this morning.

If everyone gave just a few Euros then we would reach the target within seconds.  Please try to help by giving anything you can.

If you click on the youcaring link below then you can see lots more photographs.  Thank you  

Message  –  Please, help!!!!

This baby and mom tomorrow go back on the street, unfortunately there was no money for food or to accommodate and we have another 15 dogs that are hungry.

The last three days brought us new and big problems … A young dog from the street, girl named Dumbo, which has lost an eye due to a kick now has severe wound infection ..

Vet is struggling to keep the other eye and to save her life ……  

We found mom and her five puppies thrown out in the street today, somebody threw them in the rain, in a small cardboard box…

for Dumbo and for this little family we urgently need help.. We need mone for treatment costs, for accommodation and food, and vaccines for babies and sterilization for mommy.

Vaccines for five babies are about 30 euros, 35 euros is sterilization for their mother, Dumbo’s treatment is about 40 euros and accommodation and food for a small family for month  its about 50 euros, a total of 155 euros…

We still didn’t pay our old debt and new problems are hitting hard…  I don’t even have will for life today, and I have these little snouts looking at me, waiting for help…  

Serbia: Good and Bad News – The Latest From Shelter Felix 26/8/15.

Serbian  Flag


felix cartoon 2

val 1

Valerie is recovering nicely and is supposed to have the screws removed from her knee joint next week. She’s still kept in a cage but she doesn’t complain one bit 🙂 A huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who have helped this beautiful kitty girl!

val 2

val 3

Sneska has always been skinny and has never shown much interest in food, but over the last few months she has become so frail that it was heartbreaking to look at her – she wasn’t just slender, she was gaunt. Her ribs were clearly visible beneath her skin, her hips protruded sharply and she looked almost skeletal, as if she had never eaten anything, which was sadly not far from the truth.


She was diagnosed with stomatitis back in June, the vet prescribed her a course of antibiotics and she seemed to be improving a little, but our happiness was short-lived. She quickly began to refuse food again, lose weight and was at serious risk of developing fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis due to chronic malnutrition. Very soon she reached the point where she ate two or three times a week at best, not because she had no appetite, but because chewing and swallowing apparently became difficult and painful for her. The additional problem is that she isn’t a youngster anymore, her age is given as 13 or 14 years and we had no time to waste, so she was urgently taken to the vet for a thorough checkup which was done a few days ago.

A UV scan has revealed that her kidneys aren’t in great shape, although the levels of urea and creatinine in her blood are still within the limits of normal range and we have been told we can expect her to have pretty much a normal life span. The nature of her chewing and swallowing problems has finally been revealed – she had uremic stomatitis.

Right now she is being given injections every day, she eats the prescription renal diet mixed with some wet food because she doesn’t like it very much, but at least she looks more cheerful and she even seems to be gaining weight, little by little. Of course, we have no way of knowing how long she will live, but can we all gather together to make the rest of her life as pleasant and comfortable as possible?

This sweet, good tempered and cuddly wisp of a girl has been through a lot so far and definitely deserves a dignified, pain-free and secure old age!

USA: 300 Pound Football Player Runs on a Vegan Diet.



This 300 Pound Football Player Runs on a Vegan Diet

Becky Striepe

Eating vegan gets a lot of attention as a way to cleanse or lose weight, and I think that this method for promoting veganism isn’t always helpful. It focuses on veganism as a crash diet, rather than a lifestyle choice. That’s why I was thrilled to run across the amazing story of defensive lineman David Carter who went vegan to improve his health—and stayed vegan because he’s never felt better.

Carter was trying to reach a weight goal of 300 pounds. At 285 pounds, he was eating massive amounts of dairy products to up his weight, and he felt terrible. In a GQ interview, he described a life of chronic, debilitating pain from tendinitis that at first he blamed on his day job.

When Carter learned that dairy can sometimes exacerbate tendinitis, he decided to give eating vegan a try. He told GQ: “I realized I was making everything worse. I was feeding the tendinitis, the muscle fatigue, everything. So the next day I went vegan. The first thing I ate was a bean burger and haven’t eaten meat since.”

When he first went vegan, he lost weight, so he adopted a strict weight gain eating plan to get him to reach his 300 pound goal. Carter was able to gain back the 40 pounds he lost plus that last 15 pounds on a plant-based diet.

Surprisingly, green smoothies seem to be his weight gain secret. Rather than use them as meal replacers, Carter drinks protein-rich 20 ounce green smoothies between meals every day, racking up a whopping 10,000 calories during what he calls “Operation Weight Gain.”

He says that white beans and sunflower seeds are his go-tos for protein along with whole grains and other beans, seeds, and nuts.

Check out his sample weight gain meal plan:

via Vibrant Wellness Journal

Since going vegan, Carter says that he’s never felt better. Within just a couple of months, his joint pain evaporated. He’s able to lift more and run faster, and he has less body fat—meaning more muscle—than before going vegan.

Of course, most people on a vegan diet aren’t trying to hit a 300 pound weight goal. This extreme constant eating isn’t necessary for the average person on a vegan diet. Athletes have very different calorie requirements than someone who works a desk job, even if you are a regular exerciser.

Carter went vegan for the health benefits, but he’s stayed for the animals. Like a lot of people—including me—who go vegan for health reasons, animal rights have become as important to him as his own health.

David Carter uses his clout as an NFL player to show that eating vegan doesn’t have to mean feeling deprived. He’s worked with animal advocacy groups like the Humane Society and Compassion Over Killing.

His Instagram account—@the300poundvegan—is peppered with animal rights facts, and he says he loves proving to people that vegans come in all shapes and sizes.

Check out our (SAV) recent Vegan link –

Read more and see photos at:

 vegan facts