Serbia: More Illegal Hunting – And ‘Rule Of Law’ Failures.

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Hi Mark ,

I continue with cases : Turtle dove, massacre, North of Serbia, hunting clubs Jazovo.

Display hunting turtle doves in the North of Vojvodina, near by Kikinda, hunting clubs Jazovo who preyed upon the special nature reserves – “Pastures of great bustard”, in a zone of the reserve, where hunting is forbidden by law to the Decree of the Government of Republic of Serbia on the Protection of Special Nature Reserve, “Pastures of great bustard” Mokrin (Official Gazette of RS No.37 / 97).

The first hunt for which we filed the charge took place 26.08.2010. That same day in the evening, a large flock of turtle doves in migration were attempting to land to feed in the fields of sunflowers, get watered and then move to lands on sleeping in a nearby small forest, which is planted for this purpose.

They were chased and the Italian hunters and a few local hunters took lots of them.  For those few hours, in a desperate flocks of turtle doves to feed, water and rest, hunters, according to a report of the hunting inspector killed 420 birds.

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It was dark, and many did not see anything; they were not picked up, the dozens of dead birds; and several dozen left wounded on the ground to die overnight.

After the hunt , our associate who lives on the reservation, Joca Jančić, went to the place  and saw a horrible scene, the field was covered with corpses of the birds and he also saw  many wounded turtle doves that had dragged themselves around after being shot, at least 40 – 50 birds.  Several turtle doves who were less injured were picked up and taken home to recuperate from the stress of what they had endured.  Unfortunately only one of those rescued and taken away survived, the poison of the hunters lead in the bullets / shot which is absorbed by the blood causing a slow and suffering death. The one dove which survived eventually recovered after about 3 weeks and then was freed to continue its migration because they are smaller flocks that fly further South.

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The Hunting inspector who acted according to our report wrote that hunters killed 420 turtle doves and they themselves determine that they can kill 500, so for her it was all right / ok. The fact that they were hunting in a prohibited place was not even considered, so nothing further was done regarding this at all – nothing !

From that whole flocks of doves undertaking a migratory flight, only one survived.  A few photos from the scene (and shown here – SAV) show exactly what it looked like. Total shock, our correspondent managed to make a few pictures, the rest of the time was looking for birds in better condition / who were still alive to try to save them. Most were already dead or were facing death due to being shot but not killed by the hunters.

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We have a record of hunting inspector on the hunt, but he is archived, and if need be I will find him.

The next year, hunting association Jazovo again organized hunting turtle doves in the same place on 2 occasions; 41 turtle doves were killed during the first hunt on 24.08.2011, and they killed 84 turtle dove on the second hunt. The hunting and mass killings were again undertaken in a place which according to the Serbian law is prohibited for hunting.

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We have submitted the application for the other hunt of 27.08.2011.  This was interrupted because the reserve guard, who was an associate of us, watched the hunting and reported it immediately, he called the police etc.  The guard reserve, Zeljko Reljin, his report is shown at the end of this post, was fired from his work and he does not work any more as guardian of the reserve.

This is the corruption of the system – a reserve guard reports illegal activity by the hunters and he is the one who ends up losing his job whilst the hunting continues !

The report of the hunting inspector is also attached of the hunt from 2011, where you can see that for her it is all OK. It reports the guardian and pretends that he did not know that any hunting, including hunting turtle  doves banned in A zone of the reserve called great bustard..

Then we filed a complaint about the work of the hunting inspector Ljiljana Bucalo Latinovic. In her record, according to the Italians, they issued receipt for turtle doves that were killed, birds officially according to EU law they can not take out of Serbia but were somehow presented.

After high alert about hunting turtle doves, 2012. Hunting was prohibited in the reserve, but the migratory birds were hunted elsewhere.  This time, the flocks of doves migrating were smaller and smaller.

Thus, as described here, so being hunted turtle dove and quail  everywhere in Serbia. Everything else is a lie.

Below is the complaint about the work of the hunting inspector, and we have since back to 2010.all the papers, just all in very large archives, and as I said, if you need,  to find them  and scan for SAV, we can find.

In the next sending I’ll find some case of quail hunting with decoys, or bird hunting nets. All this is happening now, as I write this, throughout Serbia. We have a lot of information about the poaching received from associates but it is difficult to arrive everywhere at the right time.

 Zapisnik lovne insp. br.104-037-416-2011-05 od 15.09.2011. lov grlica u srp velika droplja, str.1

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Regards V.

SAV comment:

Serbian authorities are not enforcing the rule of law as required for new EU membership nations.  You do not fire a park / reserve ranger who reports hunters undertaking their blood lust in illegal no hunt areas; but the authorities appear to think this is ok; no doubt in conjunction with the hunts.

We are in the final stages now of our first report to the EU, which will cover several issues including all our hunting information.  We will show the EU Parliament and Commission that Serbia is NOT enforcing the rule of law and as such is not worthy of EU membership.  If Serbia wants to join the EU, then it has to stop all this government / authority / hunter / police corruption and start to show that they are actually prosecuting people for events which deserve it.

This is just the very start – Serbia is in for one big shock if it even becomes a member of the EU in future.   EU animal welfare organisations, who are very strong in Europe, will go ballistic at the current events; and they will be head hunting all those in authority.  It has been done in Romania, it will be done in Serbia.

People who call themselves ‘politicians’ and who may consider themselves immune from prosecution will have a change of face the day Serbia joins the EU.  Those who currently turn a blind eye to the undertakings of the hunters, including the police; will themselves be hunted and prosecuted through the EU by the EU animal welfare movement. 

Not a possibility, but a promise !!