Serbia / EU: Differences In Animal Slaughter Standards – Another Serious Case Of Serbia Not Meeting EU Standards – Yet It Wants To Join !!

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Above – EU.

We have uncovered this link (below) today as part of our investigation work producing the reports for the EU which are described in previous posts.  It is rather graphic but is also a clear indicator of the things that need to be done, – improvements; especially as Serbia is hoping to gain EU membership in the relatively near future.

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Above:  Serbia.

Here is the link to some of the standards in Serbia – WARNING – Graphic Footage:

In  EU nations, when an animal carcass has been slaughtered and prepared at a slaughterhouse, it is then ‘approved’, a slaughterhouse employee marks it with an EU health symbol to prove that the meat is safe for human consumption.  We doubt that this is happening at the Serbian facility shown.  Is the carcass fit for human consumption ? – just look at the outside floor conditions at which this sheep was killed.

slaughter 7

Above: Serbia.

Below: EU.

slaughter 3Pig carcasses

As non meat eaters we do not like doing things about slaughterhouses; but we feel that is a necessity here especially as we are currently working on reports of animal welfare standards within Serbia.  Compare the EU slaughterhouse conditions with those in the link re Serbia.  There is no real comparison; and once again this shows where Serbia has to step up to the plate to put its animal welfare house in order.  When Serbia joins the EU; it will have to have slaughterhouses of the types shown in the photographs for the EU – what is shown in the above link (Serbian standards) will not be acceptable to the standards of EU nations.  Serbia will have to comply.

The thing we found really disturbing on the link photographs is the fact that in several shots, you can see several bottles of beer; and the slaughterman having a drink of beer in between slaughtering animals.  In an EU facility alcohol would not even be allowed on the site; let alone a quick ‘guzzle’ in between animal killings !!

Serbia has a lot to learn about animal welfare; and we will do all we can to show up the differences between EU and Serbian standards.  There are no if’s or but’s; if Serbia becomes a future member of the EU then it will have to comply with EU standards.

We will do all we can to show these regulations are being enforced.

Post UPDATE 5/8/15.

26 November 2014

Company to end waste meat to energy operation at the end of the year, but will seek international arbitration in the United States over the project’s long-term future

Serbia’s only plant turning hazardous meat waste into an energy source that complies with all national legislation has been shut down over an argument between its owners and the government.

Belgium company Energo Zelena claims the Republic of Serbia’s “failure” to enforce its own legislation on treatment of hazardous animal by-products and ongoing “discriminating” against its business means its operation is not financially viable.

According to the company Serbian authorities have not treated its bids for work fairly and have instead handed deals to local companies run by Serbs. A spokesman said: “As foreign direct investors, we have been continuously discriminated against. As a result our investment is severely jeopardised and the company is operating with substantial loss.”

The company further claims waste meat is being illegally dumped as local authorities are failing to ensure it is sent to a proper processing facility.

See our past post from 2011 – does this have any relationship to this we ask ??