Thailand: Chicks Dyed Various Colours And Put Into Plastic Bags As ‘Toys’ – Please Sign The Petition (Currently 129,000).




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dyed chicks

Currently up to 129,000 signatures – lets make it many more !!

In the tourist area of Koh Lanta in Thailand, baby chicks are dyed various colours, put in plastic bags, and sold to tourists as children’s toys.

The chicks, which are dyed yellow, green, pink and other bright colours, cannot breathe in the plastic bags and are not given access to food or water despite it being swelteringly hot outside.

There is a Care2 petition urging the Thai government to step in and stop this cruelty. Will you sign too?

Here’s a link to the petition  or click on the link given above.

Thank you.




Bulgaria: Borko Has Been Saved From Execution – But Please Continue To Sign His Petition Thank You.



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Albert EbrahimzadehOccupy for Animals



-A BIG Thank you to all of you who signed the petition!


But Please Please continue to share Borko’s petition:

-The more voices we can get condemning the actions of this Mayor, the more embarrassed the authorities will be and more likely to step in against the Mayor!! Thank you!

A last minute decision of the Smolyan Administrative Court STOPPED the preliminary execution of the intended by the Mayor of Devin seizure of Borko and his family.

A small group of animal welfare activists, journalists and Borko supporters occupied early in the morning the Surgery in the village of Selcha, waiting for the municipal “action group” to arrive. They had already been informed by Dr. Litov’s attorney of the court’s decision, but were not sure if the Mayor would comply with it.

An hour later the group drove off to the town of Devin to meet and confront the Mayor himself and ask for explanation of his intended actions. The coward had run off and could not be found anywhere. Instead, the Mayor’s legal adviser and the municipal property manager were questioned thoroughly.

It became evidently clear that the authorities were becoming very concerned by the international uproar, caused by the death threats to Borko and his family.

They were assured that unless they take all necessary steps to remedy the situation and guarantee that Borko and family will never be threatened again, the international pressure will continue non stop with all negative consequences. We’ll wait and see.

Borko is alive and well and sends hugs and kisses to all those who stood up for him.

Borko - justice for

USA: Gray Wolf Appears in California For the Second Time in Nearly 100 Years.


Gray Wolf Appears in California For the Second Time in Nearly 100 Years

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Wildlife officials believe they have found evidence that a gray wolf has made its way into northern California, making it the second one to cross the border into the state in almost 100 years.

Officials from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) said in a statement released this week that they set up remote trail cameras in southeastern Siskiyou County in an effort to follow up on public sightings of a lone wolf that were made earlier this year.

They got some pictures in May of “a large, dark-colored, lone canid,” but couldn’t confirm for certain that it was a wolf. In June, they found tracks and put up more cameras. After downloading photos in July, the suspected wolf was captured in images again, leading biologists to conclude it is indeed a lone wolf based on its size and tracks, who is likely to have wandered down from Oregon.

They’ve since set up more cameras and aim to definitively determine it’s a wolf by collecting and DNA testing scat samples.

The sighting is exciting for wildlife advocates who want to see this iconic species return to their historic range. Wolves once roamed vast portions of the state, but before 2011, there hadn’t been a confirmed sighting since 1924 thanks to government sponsored extermination programs that wiped them out. That’s when collared wolf OR-7, now otherwise known as Journey, made headlines after crossing the border from Oregon on a mission covering hundreds of miles to find a mate and a place to settle down.

The CDFW confirmed it isn’t him, he’s since established territory in Oregon and is busy raising a second litter of pups. While he left the state, his venture there helped clear the way for others of his kind to safely return.

Spurred by a petition from conservation organizations following his appearance, last summer the California Fish and Game Commission voted to protect gray wolves under the state’s endangered species act, which makes it illegal to harm or kill wolves in the state.

The latest sighting also couldn’t have come at a better time, as the CDFW is preparing to release its wolf management plan for public comment, giving those who want to see wolves return to California’s landscape a chance to weigh in on their future there.

“With the potential confirmation of another wolf in California, it is all the more critical that the state wolf plan provide the management strategies that will best recover and conserve these magnificent animals,” said Amaroq Weiss, West Coast wolf organizer with the Center for Biological Diversity. “While it’s exciting to most Californians that wolves are returning, there are those who hate wolves and these animals will need all the protections they can get to successfully reestablish here.”

Later this summer, and again in September, the Center, Sonoma Land Trust, Sonoma County Conservation Action and Pepperwood Preserve will be co-hosting screenings of a documentary about Journey in an effort to raise awareness about wolf recovery.

USA: Great News – New York Senate Passes Bill To Register All Animal Abusers.


In a first, the New York Senate has passed a bill that would require that convicted animal abusers — just like convicted sex offenders — register as such with the division of criminal justice services. Even more, those who have been convicted of abusing and torturing animals would also have to undergo a required psychiatric evaluation and would be banned from ever owning pets again.

Under the bill, the names and addresses of convicted animal abuses in New York would be made readily accessible to the public. Those involved in the sale and adoption of animals would be able to check the registry before allowing someone to own an animal.

Animal cruelty has been a felony in New York since 1999 when Buster’s Law was passed. Buster was a cat in Schenectady in upstate New York who was doused with kerosene and set on fire in 1997. The law bearing his name was created to ensure that those who commit such crimes are convicted. The new law(S2305A-2013) takes things a step further by creating the registry.

It is more than well-established that the abuse of animals can be a “gateway behavior” to violence against humans. Senator Greg Ball of Patterson, who sponsored the bill, addressed this very point:

Persons who commit crimes against animals represent some of the worst kind of people, and often expand their carnage to their neighbors and the larger community. Most people can agree that the level of respect and kindness shown for animals — creatures who cannot speak for themselves, or protect themselves and are easily abused and taken advantage of — is a fine predictor of how a person will treat their peers.

Just as Megan’s Law was created to protect children from repeated sex offenders, Ball’s bill will protect animals from repeat animal abusers — from (again, quoting Patterson) “violent and cruel behavior” that “cannot and should not be tolerated.”

Alice Calabrese, the CEO of Lollypop Farm and the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, says that there is a “high recidivism rate” among those who abuse animals, and that the registry is more than needed. Her organization receives about 1,200 calls about animal cruelty every year.

Ball’s bill is now being sent to the New York Assembly where it is being sponsored by Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, who was the driving force behind the sponsorship of Buster’s Law. Noting that we have “expanded the DNA database to help catch criminals and exonerate the innocent,” Tedisco underscores that we “now we have an opportunity to advance additional public safety measures including protecting our pets from abuse and ensuring animal abusers don’t go on to hurt people.”

Michigan is also considering creating a registry of animal abusers, as have other states (including California). However, a bill to create such a registry in Maryland last year failed. Now that New York is on the verge of creating a registry of animal abusers, it really is up  to the other 49 states to follow suit and do the right thing, as Michelle Gwynn writes.

As Tedisco says, creating the registry of those convicted under Buster’s Law means that ”all members of the family” are protected. If all states had such a registry, the next step could be a national registry of animal abusers in order for states to share information, and so that we can best protect “who cannot speak for themselves.”

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China: News From Animals Asia – Bear bile replacement breakthrough in China.



Bear bile replacement breakthrough in China

Dear Mark,

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you news of a major step towards ending bear bile farming.

Our hope for an end to the suffering of China’s moon bears in the bile industry has been hugely boosted as Chinese manufacturer Kaibao Pharmaceuticals announced it has successfully synthesised a substitute for bear bile to be used in traditional medicine.

This is a HUGE step that could eventually save thousands of protected moon bears from farms by drastically scaling back China’s bear bile industry.

Kaibao is the number one consumer of bear bile purchasing around 18 tonnes of powdered bile annually, approximately half of all purchased. Make no mistake this is big news.

And the fact that this project is heavily backed and funded by the Chinese government shows a clear intent at the highest levels to move away from bear bile farming and actively seek ways to make this industry obsolete, once and for all.

Read the story here.

We have come a long way. For those estimated 10,000 bears that are currently held in horrific bile farms around China, this could be the breakthrough we have been working so hard to achieve for the past 17 years.

Thank you for your continuous support throughout. This remarkable progress is because of you. We really couldn’t do this without you.

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO

Spain: Bullfighting Under Threat ?


spain bullfight_NEW