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Please stick  with us; there are still clean up changes to do; we hope to incorporate everything over the next few days.

Netherlands: EoA Information Regarding Investigations Into EU Cattle Being Transported To Turkey For Slaughter.



Dear colleagues working in animal-welfare,

letter to France Aug 2015 English

Please find attached a letter that we sent to the French Minister of Agriculture. We do not ask that you take any action, but that you are aware of our observations. We hope to hear back from the French authorities in due time.

With best wishes,

Lesley Moffat

Lesley Moffat, MSc Ethology
Eyes on Animals – Director

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More reasons to stop the live transportation of animals over long distances !

letter to France Aug 2015 English


Past SAV posts showing links to Lesley and EoA:

I have had the real pleasure of working with the excellent Lesley regarding live animal transport work in the recent past.

Please also go to ‘About Us’  to see our work for the EU regarding an investigation report series into live calf transports.

Mark – SAV.

England: The Animal Aid ‘Great Vegan Challenge 2015’.



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