Ideas for the immediate future.


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With regard to what we say below; please see here the beautiful wildlife pictures taken within Serbia by Zoran – check out his site and photos at:

We are going to repeat one picture here as we just love this little guy !


Wildlife is there as the photos show – it just needs a government to climb aboard, accept this is the way in future to go and then promote it to the worlds tourists !!

Now is this not a much better way to ‘shoot’ wildlife rather than with a hunters gun ??

This is the route that Serbian politicians should be looking to go down for future investment in their country; not their current policy of staying with and promoting hunting

– we have shown the results of this unfortunately on many recent posts.  SAV.


We are in the final stages now of the compilation of our small initial report to the EU regarding the lack of Serbian animal welfare legislation enforcement.  Serbia has some very good animal welfare legislation; but as you can see from our recent posts relating to bird hunting alone, action is never taken by the authorities to uphold and enforce the law.

Enforcement of the law is only as good as the law itself and the people who are supposed to enforce it ! – ie the police and government ministry’s.

Our reports, which we think will be many; will each deal with a specific area of Serbian animal welfare.  This first report will be a general overview of some of the main topics we will be covering.

Serbia is a country with a very diverse eco system – it has some wonderful natural places and also a very wide range of animals and birds.  The recent massive international outrage directed at the killer of Cecil the lion now really shows just how much hunters are hated internationally.


rafting 3


We ask the question why people want to shoot wildlife with a gun when they can shoot it with a camera ? – effectively; by doing the first, you kill the animal and damage an often very sensitive ecosystem.  By doing the second you get tourism into the country; people experience the beauty of the wildlife and they spend their money on food, hotels, tours etc.  Most sensible people will not pay to go somewhere to kill beautiful animals; but they are prepared to pay and go somewhere to see the animals that live and survive in any region.

With this is mind we are also looking at giving out further information on the wonderful wildlife that can be seen and photographed in Serbia.  This initiative is in its very early stages, but we will try and work on it more.

Most folk do not want to be known as ‘hunter / killer’ tourists; but they are prepared to be known simply as ‘tourists’; watching and photographing wildlife and the natural environment; shooting only with a camera, and not with a gun or crossbow.

Maybe you can help us by responding to the simple poll – this could be completed and it will give us and the Serbian government some idea of the feeling of people who may decide to visit or not visit Serbia.


This poll will initially be open for ONE WEEK; your views and responses are very welcome.