USA: HUGE: NIH ending decades-long baby-monkey torture program!


SAV Comment – 30 years of abusing baby primates for what ? – what have they learnt that they could not get from monitoring human babies and their mothers.  How do human women; probably mothers themselves, ever get involved in being able to do this ? – would they do it to their children ? – More taxpayers money being wasted on wasters. These people are sick in the head – a very warped head !

baby monkey

Photo – PeTA

HUGE: NIH ending decades-long baby-monkey torture program!

“Infants are caged with their mothers, who are chemically sedated, have their nipples taped over, and are placed in a car seat. The terrified babies scream and cry, climbing onto and frantically shaking their unresponsive mothers”.

Hi Mark!

There’s some great news for primates today!

Following an intensive year-long PETA campaign, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that it’s ending its cruel psychological experiments on baby monkeys after more than 30 years!

The laboratory is being closed down, and the lead experimenter will no longer be involved in any experiments on animals.

You probably remember that last fall, PETA released disturbing video footage showing NIH’s cruel and archaic maternal-deprivation experiments in which infant monkeys were torn away from their mothers at birth to traumatize them, terrorized with loud sounds and fake snakes, intimidated by human experimenters, addicted to alcohol, and forced to live alone in tiny cages to worsen their psychological distress. The trauma inflicted on the infants by NIH psychologically and physically crippled many of them for life.

PETA held countless protests and worked with scientists—including Dr. Jane Goodall, who noted that the experiments were inhumane and not applicable to humans and that superior, human-based research tools are available—as well as with thousands of young people who completed creative missions to tell NIH that these tests were heartless. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Because of you, no more infant monkeys will be bred to suffer from depression, torn from their mothers, or experimented on at NIH.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help animals!

Stay loud!

Rachelle Owen – Senior Manager Youth Campaigns




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