Serbia: Can You Buy A Christmas Dinner For A Pozega Dog ? – Please Help.

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pozega dogs food appeal december

Give an unadopted shelter dog a Christmas dinner

Ladies & Gents,

At Christmas time, when we are so preoccupied with purchasing gifts for family and loved ones, often we forget about those who have nobody but us to help, our four legged friends in shelters. When we’re so busy organising the perfect family Christmas, sometimes it just slips our mind that our furries need to eat too. We just want to remind you, that in the spirit of the season, the season of giving, how truly desperately, we need to keep our dogs fed and warm. At Christmas, during the coldest point in the year, our dogs need more food for fuel just to keep warm.

Please, we are begging you, don’t forget about our rescues. They need our help. If you could donate the cost of just one meal for our dogs over the Christmas period, you will help more than you could imagine.

We have more than 35 dogs and 3 cats under our care and many of them are fighting different health issues or require special medicine food. Like renal food for our 14 year old mix breed old girl Ava, or royal canine baby milk for the litter of five babies we found thrown by the road while they were still blind. All of them will look at us for Christmas dinner and with your help we will succeed. Because at Christmas time we must not forget to count our blessings and share a little love with those unfortunate ones.

Donations to help via the following safe site –

Pozega dogs adoption page (Facebook) –

Our mailing address is:

Humanimal-Help Pozega Dogs

Belgrade 11000


Add us to your address book

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