England / EU: Break The Cage – Take Action To Stop Rabbit Farming In The EU.


CIWF Rabbits

Rabbits form an integral part of everyone’s childhood. From a family pet, to Beatrix Potter’s mischievous Peter Rabbit, to the lovable cartoon character Bugs Bunny, or the falsely accused Roger Rabbit. But, this year, the lives of 330 million rabbits in Europe will be anything but a fairy tale. 

Rabbits are the most caged farmed animal in Europe.

For them, life is a horror story, permanently confined in tiny, barren cages, unable to hop, skip or jump.

You are one of over 381,620 people who have already told Europe’s Agriculture Ministers and the European Parliament it’s time to End the Cage Age for rabbits. Thank you so much for signing Compassion’s petition.

Now, will you get us to the next big milestone? Can you help us secure over half a million signatures and make this a petition that Europe’s policymakers cannot ignore?


Here are some easy ways you can grow the petition:

This year alone, there will be over 300 million reasons to end the caging of farmed rabbits.

With your support, we will be able to present Europe’s Agriculture Ministers and the European Parliament with a public demand they cannot ignore.

Please help us secure half a million voices to end this horror story.

Thank you,

 James West – Campaign Manager










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