Serbia: Gas Tank Is Now Empty – Cats Are Getting Cold – Minus 10 – Any Donation Size Will Help Thank You.

Serbian  Flag

no gas


cartcat2 FELIX




Please share and help if you can!

Well, that’s it.

Our gas tank is bone dry empty and the electric heaters have been turned on in all of the cats’ rooms and inside the house as well.

The current cold snap will continue for at least a week, possibly more, with outside temperatures dropping as low as 10 degrees below zero. The electric heaters simply can’t warm up the indoor space sufficiently while we’re gripped by this big freeze.

The cats are already huddling together attempting to stay warm in these frosty, icy nights; nonetheless, the elderly kitties which lack the body fat are having a hard time coping with the cold.

This is our last ditch, a desperate appeal for help to fill the gas tank while the oldest of the Felix cats are still holding on!

Otherwise this winter will be a very sad and heartbreaking one, as we can do absolutely nothing else but powerlessly look at our golden oldies, wondering which one of them will give up first 😦 We’ve had several appeals on and put in requests for help, but the donations are still trickling in.


Please, this is an emergency!

Every single donation counts, no matter what the size!

Please Help – Thank You.




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