Serbia: Please help us to raise money for Bak & Paja. Thrown Out Of Current Facility.

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Please help us to raise money for Bak & Paja.

We have to raise €130 urgently.


Our boys Bak & Paja their whole life spent in different kennels. Last 2 years they are in one. Unfortunately, we were told that they have to moved from there for 3 days!!!! How? Where? How we can pay for new kennels?

We are always in debt. What a mess. 😦 Pleas help us to raise money for new kennels. Please!!!

New kennels costs 50 euros per month per dog + 15 euros for food per month per dog. Who are Bak and Paja??? Bak will say something about him by himself: I am Bak. 3 years ago I was a baby and lived at the dump with 6 brothers and sisters. They thought I wouldn’t survive. I was sick, very sick.

Now I’m healthy, gentle, beautiful, very good boy with only 13 kg, but I’m not happy. I’ve never had a home. I heard stories about it and promises I will have a home one day and people there will love me. But no one was asking, no one came to see me. I want only one thing from Santa, to find me a nice home. Let him bring kids presents. He doesn’t have to bring me, I’ll go there by my own. Just let him say me where that home is. Who is Paja?

Paja is the most active member of our doggy gang. He was taken from a junk pile at the Novi Sad Rail station in January. He had no hair. He had demodex which we managed to heal. He has a lot of HOUND qualities. He is very active, dominant, a true lieder. Very happy and friendly.

His perfect life space would be a big yard.  He has been castrated, vaccinated and microchipped.

We are Free Fly from Novi Sad – Serbia

get involved 2


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