Very Important Petition – Help Sultan, Amal and Many Others – Please Crosspost.


– Please we need to help Amal by getting as many signatures on this petition as we can – please crosspost thank you.   SAV.

UPDATE 27/5/16

Dear Slavica,  Elinor and Mark ,

Thank you All for your help and Support.

I will be travelling to Nairobi tomorrow morning to attend the regional Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance meeting. I am not sure to be able to be very reactive as i will spend 48 hours in airports at departure  and 48 hours back. I will be back to Marrakech late the 4th of June.

I have put Susan the Founder of the Jarjeer Mules Foundation. She is a wonderfull person.

Thank you All for everything you are doing to save those animals.

Your mobilisation makes the owner scared. 

Amal xxx


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1./ This petition is about to help more than Sultan, if you check on the fb page of Tommy at Jarjeer Mules Foundation, you will find that we are also talking about 22 horses, 12 camels, 4 ponies, 3 donkeys and 5 dogs, starved by the owner.

2./ All the updates are in this page. It is a very serious British charitie. Even the Spana Marrakech has tried to save the animals when there where in the road during days without food nor water.

3./ The Spana Marrakech pushed and they got the Municipality paper to take them. The night before the owner came to take them to a private place. The Moroccan law unfortunately can not be applied, anymore as the animals are supposed to be no more abandoned. It means that you can starve and torture your animals as there are yours or in your private place.

We need as much  signatures as possible, to 1st save all the animals, and push to implement new legislation.

Thank you for all you can do for them. Some are famous films animals. This guy has to stop definitely his activity. There are new updates on the fb page, please read the comments. We need your support

Kind Regards,

Amal El Bekri


USA:  Tiger With Terminal Cancer Used As Gimmick By University At Football Games !!


And another important petition – you would think that universities would know better and be more intelligent than to do things like this – abusing animals year after year – obviously not this one !

Intelligent ?? – That’s what universities claim; but in this case we make an exception.

Petition 2

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Petition wording:

Target: F. King Alexander, Chancellor of Louisiana State University

Goal: End the use of live tigers as mascots at sporting events.

For the past few years, Louisiana State University (LSU) has been bringing out a live, caged tiger to its football games. The university has gone through six tigers, and its current tiger has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. While the college claims to be providing Mike world class care, this should take place in a sanctuary, not a cage.

Holding wild animals captive is detrimental to their physical and mental health. These animals should be running through the trees, enjoying the sunshine, and engaging in natural behaviors. Instead, these tigers have been carted around for entertainment, confined in small cages, and forced to endure the large, loud crowds of university football games.

It is cruel to continue treating the tiger in this manner. He deserves to have some peace and happiness for his remaining time on earth. Sign this petition and demand LSU retire its tiger and no longer use live animals as mascots.


Dear Mr. Alexander

For years, your university has been using live, caged tigers as the school’s mascot. In the time that you have used live animals, LSU has gone through six tigers. The current tiger has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It is cruel to continue forcing this tiger to endure long, loud and hectic football games and letting him waste away in a cage. He deserves happiness and freedom in his final days. Please consider sending him to an accredited sanctuary.

Animals in captivity face many problems when it comes to their physical and mental health. It is not fair to use these animals as entertainment and to deny everything that is natural to them. Please consider no longer using live animals as mascots.


[Your Name Here]