Serbia: Not a single sponsor has stepped up !

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Not a single sponsor has stepped up for these three little gingers, one tabby and one little black cutie. Not a single contribution towards their living expenses, the costs of their food and vet care, not a thing. Five out of six orphaned babies are still nameless.

It’s not their fault they were chucked out into the street when they were maybe 10 days old at most, they are not to blame that they never had the chance to be nursed and grow by their mother’s side, they didn’t choose to be born in the first place and had no say in being thrown out like rubbish and left to die. I certainly wasn’t exactly eager to spend countless nights without sleep, bottle feeding them and fighting for their lives.

They still have a fungal infection that’s being treated and they have to live in a cage for now; they can’t be let out as they would rapidly spread ringworm among all of the other cats.

Their little faces are messy and dirty after eating, but how is it possible that they don’t appeal to anyone? Why does it seem they are so unimportant and not worthy of love and attention? We need only five more sponsors for these itty bitty babies!

Are these nice five people really this rare and impossible to find?

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