USA: Sending Out Very Much The Wrong Message – Students use cats intestine as a jump rope in their class !


Students use cats intestine as a jump rope in their class !

Dissection teaches students that animals are just classroom tools to be used and discarded—and

disturbing video footage

or view alternatively here –

recorded at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio proves it.

You know this is wrong.

Cats are sensitive, highly intelligent animals who experience emotions such as pain, happiness, fear, and love—just as humans do.

The cats who were being cut apart in this classroom are no different from the beloved animal companions many of these students might share their homes with. In fact, the cats on the dissection table may have once been someone’s family member! Homeless, lost, or abandoned cats are often collected from animal shelters, injected with formaldehyde, and vacuum-sealed in plastic bags for dissection in classrooms just like this one.

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