England: Time Out – Bonsai.



Mark is a very keen Bonsai tree grower – and has a great interest in anything ‘bonsai’; he has somewhere around 40 trees which he cares for himself.

For a change, here are a few links to some videos made by English bonsai artist Graham Potter who runs Kaizen Bonsai – check it out at http://www.kaizenbonsai.com/

Enjoy the videos and see the beauty of the trees appear from what often start as fairly ugly looking stumps !!.

Happy bonsai !







'Honest! It was the only tree I could find!'

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France: Keep French Foie Gras Farms Closed – Take Action Now – Little Time Left.


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All French foie gras farms are currently empty due to a disease that has been infecting ducks kept for the production of this cruel ‘delicacy’.

But, from next week, the French Agriculture Minister will allow farmers to bring ducks back onto their farms and restart foie gras production.

Take action now

Ducks reared for foie gras have to endure the horror of being force-fed up to four times a day for the final two weeks of their lives.

Foie gras production is so cruel that it has been banned in many countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Poland.

Will you send an e-card to the French Agriculture Minister to highlight your disgust at this cruel practice and demand that the foie gras farms stay closed forever?


The production of foie gras is staggeringly cruel. In addition to the appalling suffering inflicted by force-feeding, during this period the animals are trapped in tiny, barren cages.

The temporary closure of France’s foie gras farms is due to end on 16th May.

We have no time to lose.

Please send an e-card to Minister Le Foll today.


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Serbia: 5 Beautiful Doggies Looking For New Forever Loving Homes.

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5 beautiful dogs all ready for their new forever loving homes.

Please watch the video – click on the above link.

Current owner contact details on link / post if you are willing to help and adopt one of the doggies.



UK: League Against Cruel Sports Lead With New Anti – Snaring Petition – Please Sign and Support Thank You.

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LACS Ban Snares

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Dear Mark,

Today we have launched a new major petition calling on politicians across the UK to ban the manufacture, sale and use of snares –

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Sign the petition.

Snares are the landmines of the countryside. They are cruel and indiscriminate killers of wild animals and pets and we can’t understand why, in the 21st century, the UK remains one of just five countries in Europe that has not yet banned them.

Last month our investigators visited a shooting estate in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, and found a hare trapped in a snare. We have explained the hare’s tragic story in a new film exposing the horror of snares, and we would be so grateful if you could watch and share the film to help us raise vital awareness.

Watch the new film.

1.7 million animals will be snared in the UK this year. That is one every 20 seconds.

So, in the time it takes you to read this email… yet more animals will fall victim to snares. This has to stop!

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 Click here to sign the petition

Please share the petition with your friends and family.


LACS Ban Snares