UK: Over 600,000 Signatures To Stop Intensive Rabbit Farming – But Will The EU Listen To Its Citizens Or Be As Ignorant As Usual And Only Do What The Commissioner Wants ?


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SAV Comment – over 600,000 people have major concerns in the EU.  But does the EU listen to its citizens or does the Commission simply override the Parliament and the people as it did with the 1 million plus calling for a maximum 8hr maximum journey time for animals in transport ?

We hope, but see this continued ignorance of the situation as yet another example of how the EU dismisses its people – and maybe yet another example why the UK will vote to leave the useless EU in June.

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Dear Mark,

Earlier this week I was joined by an army of cartoon rabbits as I delivered Compassion’s biggest ever online petition to a meeting of Europe’s Agriculture Ministers in Brussels.

petition deliver

Thank you so much for being one of 601,435 people who are calling on Europe’s politicians to End the Cage Age for farmed rabbits. We’ve been overwhelmed by your support for this important issue.

Rabbits in our childhood stories may lead idyllic lives, but the shocking truth is that, every year in the EU, over 320 million rabbits are confined to tiny, barren cages. Unable to hop, skip or jump, to choose when to be alone or to seek companionship, or even to stretch. Cages are a true horror story of factory farming.

I took over 40 cartoon rabbits to Brussels to deliver our giant petition, on your behalf, in the form of a comic book. Why? To draw attention to the vast gap between fiction and reality.

And already the European Parliament is listening to our demands: German MEP, Stefan Eck, will be writing a report over the coming months, calling on the European Commission to draft legislation on the welfare of rabbits.

The report is likely to be discussed by the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament in September, and be voted on by all MEPs in late 2016 or early 2017. When that time comes, we’ll need your help to make sure the Parliament votes in favour of the report.

But for now, please check out and share the photos of the petition hand-in.

And tweet Stefan Eck MEP to show your support for his rabbit report.

Thank you again for being one of the 601,435 people who are calling on the EU to End the Cage Age for rabbits.

Best wishes,

James West
Senior Campaign Manager



Mark (SAV) and James (above) have worked together on live export issues in the past.



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