USA: USFWS Are Having A Real Killing Spree – Will America Act And Stop It ? – The World Watches.


Well the USFWS really seem to be going for the kill, literally at the moment. Time for Americans to wake up and do something to stop it all. Will it happen ?- the world is watching.

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Tell USFWS to STOP Drowning Wolves on Federal Refuges! 60 Confirmed Mortalities (Deaths) and Counting!!   Congressman Walter Jones must HALT taxpayer dollars used to fund “Steel Leg-Hold Traps” and deliberately “Flooding” Ideal Red Wolf Habitat! $5M of Taxpayer funds have been Drowning Wolves for far too long! Section 7, A) 1.  Whereas the USFWS must extend every option in its effort to protect endangered species (Red Wolf). 1) – Specifically, we hereby requesting you exercise the power bestowed upon you as acting Secretary of the Department of Interior which is granted under Section 8 as outlined below and immediately “Suspend” the ongoing Illegal Rehydration (Flooding) efforts on Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and any other federally owned and managed lands within the 5 County Red Wolf Recovery Area. In the most simplistic terms, the USFWS Refuge has purposely degraded and adversely modified (flooded) the Endangered Red Wolfs previously stated “Ideal” habitat. This costly effort has prevented the Endangered Red Wolf its opportunity to 1) Feed 2) Breed and 3) Shelter due to deliberately flooding it’s ideal federal refuge habitat. USFWS mortality data illustrates 94% of ALL Dead Red Wolves occurred by “Illegally” flooding federal lands causing “Upland Movement of Species” (FWS document),  thus leaving no question as to the deliberate flooding efforts by the Refuge are the # 1 driver of Red Wolf Mortality in the entire 5 County Area. National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 Section 8 – STATE AUTHORITY; WATER RIGHTS; COORDINATION. (a) IN GENERAL- Section 4 (16 U.S.C. 668dd) is further amended by adding at the end the following new subsections: `(k) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the Secretary may temporarily suspend, allow, or initiate any activity in a refuge in the System if the Secretary determines it is necessary to protect the health and safety of the public or any fish or wildlife population. Please, Promote this Petition and you will help STOP the USFWS from Drowning more Red Wolves!  Join the Conversation –,468.msg566.html#msg566


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STOP USFWS from “Hammering” Litters of Nursing Puppies to a “Death without Dignity” funded with YOUR Tax Dollars!

Tell Congressman Walter Jones whom has long supported this USFWS Experimental program founded on “Killing Litters of Nursing Puppies” it must STOP and DEMAND he DEFUND this “Nursing Puppy Killing Scheme” as its your TAX Dollars he’s paying for it with!!

Federal Grant benefactor the Red Wolf Coalition has most recently sued in federal court, demanding the USFWS resume they’re recently halted experimental, Adaptive Puppy Killing Plan. Adaptive Management is founded in the use of Steel Leg-Hold Traps on YOUR Federal Refuge lands to trap and sterilize coyotes and hybrids as well as the despicable practice of “Den Hunting” to locate, litters of Newborn Nursing Puppies then KILLED by Hammering their tender heads. Likely some puppies never know whats about to hit them, given their cute little eyes have yet to open.

Most appalling is this Adaptive Nursing Puppy Killing Plan was Co-Written by the Plaintiff!! Yes, that is correct the Red Wolf Coalition co-wrote the plan to KILL NURSING PUPPIES, stating it was “Cheaper”, “Faster” and the only way to remove (KILL) “Newborn” Litters of Puppies!!

The Red Wolf Coalition is very willing to request your hard earned money (donations) in the name of animal rights, however they have been far less than forthcoming about this previously secretive Nursing Pup Killing Scheme funded by YOUR tax dollars!

Congressman Walter Jones must stop funneling our hard earned tax dollars into such a non-transparent Not for Profit, whom raises money only after deciding to selectively inform their donors!

SHARE this FOWARD and Together we can put a stop to this federally funded Puppy Killing SCAM!