Serbia: 1/5/16 – News From Felix Shelter – Girls and Girls, or Is That Girls and Boys !!

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felix cartoon 2Well, Hannah and Chantal have grown big and old enough to handle surgery, so both of them were spayed three days ago.

To our huge surprise, Chantal turned out to be a boy (who will most likely have his name changed to Chanty) as we’ve never even checked his gender – we were told he was a she and we accepted that statement at face value.

However, he is definitely a boy and he was an abdominal cryptorchid; one of his testicles normally descended into scrotum, but it was almost totally stunted, while the other one was retained in the abdominal cavity and significantly bigger.

cartcat 1             cartcat2

The result is that instead of a routine neuter surgery which would have lasted 15 minutes at most, the vet needed to make an incision along Chanty’s abdomen to remove the retained testicle and perform a surgical procedure which resembles a spay surgery for a female cat.

Both Hannah and Chanty were operated on under inhalation anesthesia and are now receiving antibiotics but they are recovering nicely and most importantly, they are not touching their wounds.

Please help us cover the costs of their surgeries with whatever you can spare.

No amount is ever too small!

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