UK: Latest Opinion Polls Show Majority Want To Leave the EU. No Welfare Enforcement, No Member – Simple !


Although the voting and counting is not until 23rd June; many people are casting postal votes early.  We have completed ours today and it is ready to be sent back ready for 23/6 count.

Latest news is:

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“The latest EU referendum poll indicates that voters have swung considerably towards backing Brexit. 52 per cent of people surveyed said they were planning on voting for Britain to leave the European Union, compared to 48 per cent who are voting in”.



But as (with live animals exports to Turkey for example) the EU is NOT ensuring animal welfare across ALL member states, or doing much to prosecute non-enforcers, it seems according to latest opinion polls, that we may be witnessing

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Have we provided enough evidence over the years ?

– and always,

they ignore it.  So now maybe, UK welfare groups go it alone and do better without the EU.  Maybe we would see some progress on campaigns.


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stop killing dogs in serbia


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One of our recent posts on the EU referendum – and our thoughts and evidence for animals which the EU seems to completely ignore:

……  and the thoughts of Venus; one of our regular site visitors:

The hegemony of the powerful countries of the European Union is not possible without cooperation.
This is the EU’s real basis.
What is equated in nature as “Survival of the fittest” with evolutionary success, practice some states of the EU for the safe continuation of their power over the weak.

But the EU is a German weapon.
What Hitler did not manage in the Second World War with tanks, has Merkel managed with the banks in the EU.
It may be that the German-French friendship ensures a lot of power and exploitation within the EU countries.
But in free trade, economic policies, subsidies, antitrust, fiscal policy – found throughout Berlin more common with London than with almost any other EU nation.

It may sound obvious, but without London is the Brussels negotiating table lonely.
And dangerous for the successful model of Merkel.
A model based on the exploitation, the debt, the enslavement of not enough strong countries for survival.
The tactics for this purpose has been and is still the same: deterrence tactics:
If London decides to exit, it would be a “Third World Shop”, a “deserter”!
Thus threatens the Luxembourg Juncker, the so-called “master of backstairs”!!
Juncker, the banker from the financial oasis, Merkels faithful servant, Juncker the millions-wage-MEP in the EU, Juncker the chief of the puppet state!

I think we will get to the truth, if we believe the contrary from what the EU parliamentarians tell us!
And I’m almost sure that the UK will send out a clear “No” in June against the “Brotherhood of the EU-barons”.




3 Important Petitions – Please Support Thank You.

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Stop the Monsanto Monster From Getting Bigger

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Target: Bayer CEO Werner Baumann

Goal: End Bayer’s attempts to purchase Monstanto and become a giant food and chemical monopoly.

A corporate mega-merger could end in one massive company controlling nearly everything you eat if Bayer is allowed to purchase Monsanto, a company notorious for its food industry monopolizing and use of dangerous pesticides. Both Bayer and Monsanto push chemicals and GMO products that contribute to the huge bee colony collapses and are threatening our global food supplies.

The American people are supposed to be protected from monopolies like this that eliminate competition and allow mega-rich corporations to do whatever they want because the little people can’t possibly stand up to them. However, in recent years more and more mergers of huge corporations have taken place, putting all the power into very few hands. When it comes to power over the food we eat, this becomes a very dangerous situation.

There is a chance, however, that this merger could be stopped. The idea of the merger is already making shareholders nervous, as evidenced by the fact that Bayer shares have dropped in price by 13 percent since the buyout attempt was announced. Enough public pressure could convince Bayer to drop their offer and stop trying to create this mega-monopoly. Sign our petition to demand that Bayer withdraws its offer to buy Monsanto.


Dear Mr. Baumann,

Your shareholders are currently alarmed at the announcement of your attempts to buy out Monsanto. Since the announcement, share prices have fallen 13 percent, as I’m sure you’re aware. This is likely due to the fact that Monsanto has come under so much fire for peddling poisonous pesticides that are responsible for the mass honey bee colony collapses that are representing a huge threat to the global food supply.

A merger between Bayer and Monsanto would create a huge food industry monopoly. If you could even get approval for this buyout, the American people would view it as a serious threat to their democracy and their very way of life. Monopolies are illegal and unethical because they put too much power into the hands of too few. We haven’t forgotten that.

Unless you drop this merger, many environmental activists and others concerned about the future health of their loved ones will rise up against you. I’m sure you don’t want to see your share prices falling any further. The best thing you can do, if you’re not concerned for the health of the people, then for your company, is to immediately withdraw the offer to buy Monsanto and refrain from trying to monopolize the food industry in the future.


[Your Name Here]


Demand Apology From Zoo for Endangered Gorilla’s Death


Target: Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo President

Goal: Make reparations for death of critically endangered gorilla by implementing protections to prevent additional tragedies.

A critically endangered Western lowland gorilla, Harambe, was shot and killed by zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo following an incident in which an unattended child fell into the animal’s habitat. Zoo president Thane Maynard admitted that the child “was not under attack,” but that the gorilla was killed because the child was “at risk.” Many have demanded to know why the animal was not shot with a tranquilizer, a response that could have removed the child from potential danger while preserving the life of the gorilla. Zoo officials have failed to offer an acceptable explanation.

Western lowland gorillas are broadly categorized as critically endangered, with an estimated 125,000 living in the world today. That the survival and well-being of every gorilla is of crucial importance to the future of the species as a whole makes the killing of Harambe even more incomprehensible. Worse, the senseless death of this particular animal will almost certainly engender negative impacts on the other gorillas in his family structure.

The Cincinnati Zoo acted rashly in its killing of Harambe, and action must be taken to ensure that additional tragedies do not occur. Though no action on the part of the zoo could ever make up for this animal’s lost life, future steps for the zoo should include an apology, reparations in the form of a sizeable contribution to a dedicated gorilla conservation group, and the institution of safety measures to prevent future accidents of this type. Demand that the Cincinnati Zoo hold themselves accountable for this irreversible, tragic error.


Dear Zoo President Thane Maynard,

We are shocked and appalled at the death of Harambe, the critically endangered Western lowland gorilla that lived for years at the Cincinnati Zoo. Though we understand that responders were concerned for the child’s safety, it is outrageous that persons with such responsibilities as this job requires were not properly equipped to respond without resorting to deadly force. Had the animal been shot with a tranquilizer dart, the child would have been removed from danger and the animal would still be living.

We, the undersigned, understand that every gorilla’s life is sacred and crucial to the survival of the species as a whole, and we know that Harambe’s death will likely negatively impact his family group. We ask that you hold yourselves accountable for Harambe’s death by committing to a public apology and sizeable donation to a committed gorilla conservation group. We hope that you will also implement an extensive safety plan to prevent future accidents of the kind that resulted in this senseless killing.


[Your Name Here]

Stop Killings of Smoky Mountain Black Bears


Target: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Superintendent Cassius Cash

Goal: Replace euthanization of problem bears with rehabilitation.

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, “problem bears,” or aggressive bears who have become reliant on people for food, are considered beyond help, and are euthanized to protect the safety of park visitors. Recently, a 400-pound bear was killed by park officials after a sleeping hiker was attacked in his tent; however, DNA evidence revealed that the euthanized bear was not actually responsible for the attack. Rehabilitation, a viable alternative to euthanasia, might prevent future unfortunate, pointless losses like the one in this case, while protecting the safety and livelihood of both visitors and bears.

Though black bear attacks on humans are extremely unusual, and serious injury rarely results from such an encounter, the animals can become aggressive as a result of human impacts on their environment. Any contact with humans can damage a bear’s well-being, gradually removing the healthy, instinctual fear of people that black bears naturally possess and encouraging movement toward populated areas where human food is more easily scavenged. When a black bear develops a taste for salty, sugary human food, its instincts for finding food in its natural environment are hobbled; the bear becomes reliant on people to satiate its hunger, and can be found scavenging in human refuse, or approaching people in hopes of being offered food — both potentially dangerous scenarios.

Bear rehabilitation programs, though few in number, have a proven track record of “deprogramming” bears out of learned, destructive behaviors resulting from human interaction. It seems appropriate to the National Park Service’s mission to take a conservation-minded approach with problem animals, and rehabilitate them rather than simply dispose of them. Ask that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park replace its killings of problem bears with a rehabilitation program that will allow them to be reintroduced to their natural environment.


Dear Superintendent Cash,

The black bear is a beloved symbol of the Smoky Mountains, and millions of visitors flock to the Smokies annually in hopes of spotting these adorable animals. These visitors sometimes negatively impact these bears in ways they don’t realize are harmful — feeding them, ingratiating them to people, and otherwise reducing their ability to listen to their natural instincts. Sometimes, these bears unfortunately become aggressive, endangering themselves and park visitors.

Though it seems unfair that bears must be punished for the impacts that humans make on their lives, we understand the need for park officials to create a safe environment for park visitors. As an alternative to euthanasia, especially following the recent, unfortunate killing of a bear that was not actually responsible for an attack, we, the undersigned would like to propose that problem bears be rehabilitated and re-released into their home, the Smokies. We, the undersigned, believe that no bear is disposable.


[Your Name Here]