England: Where: London; When: 24/5/16 – Third Party Sales Of Puppies Demonstration.


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Where: Parliament Square, London, SW1

When:  Tuesday, 24 May –

Time: 10.30 am. – 2.30 pm. SPEAKER: TV Vet Marc Abraham

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Sub-Committee are investigating the sale of dogs as part of their animal welfare inquiry.

We completely support the aims of national animal welfare organisations to end third party sales of puppies (eg. pet shops and online sales). To encourage the members of the sub-committee to seriously consider the evidence put to them we will be staging a peaceful, non confrontational protest outside Parliament. Please join us!

Our focus is pet store Dogs4Us who buy their puppies from cruel puppy farms. Dogs4Us was exposed by Channel 5 News and Sky News for sourcing puppies from cruel puppy farms.



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