The ‘System of Slaughter’ By Venus.

The problem is the system.

In Germany, “Halal” banned since 1933rd

According to § 17 of the Animal Welfare ritual slaughter of animals is forbidden in Germany.

But the law says: “if special religious regulations prescribe shafts, then shafts may be made, because of tolerance and religious freedom”.

4,5 million Muslims and Jews living in Germany, may do so, because it is part of their religious rites.

Actually, in Germany kosher meat is imported frozen from France and Belgium. For these and other EU countries, in contrast to Germany, may be slaughtered without stunning. Lately, however, a number of Halal slaughterhouses are in operation in Germany: “Halal” slaughter of Iranian Amir Baharifar in Neuss (North Rhine-West Fallen),

or the slaughterhouse Bärlein-Denterlein in Bayer. This has Bavarian TV film twice the “halal” production!!!

The fact that Muslim slaughterhouses are worse than the Orthodox or Catholic slaughterhouses, does not change nothing to the brutal animal transport in Europe. And that is the key point.

Animals that are transported for slaughter do not suffer less than animals that are transported to the shafts. And when shafts prohibits the stunning of animals, that doesn’t mean that the anesthesia system of animals works well in German slaughterhouses.

Even a complete change of all farms to organic standard would still be bad enough for the animals. Animals are slaughtered, but nowhere respected. In other words: even if the Muslim slaughter system would mimic the European, would be purely cosmetic. The problem is the system. Illegal animal cruelty, illegal transport of animals of any kind in European livestock farms and slaughterhouses are ignored by governments or tolerated as legal states.

And they put millions of tax dollars in this sick system. These governments have a strong interest to keep the debate shafts / slaughter in the course of racism, so the main problem will disappear: the drama of the animals in European slaughterhouses.

That’s what should interest us, against it we have to fight.





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  1. Yes but what is being done to make the Govt see sense? Not enough is being done to stop this nonsense,

    • Governments don’t see sense; they see only money and profit. This is why I have been campaigning about live export for 26 years. What do you suggest we do next ? Live exports from UK is a money earner for the UK regardless of the cruelty – and this is all the government see; the country making monay, nothing else.
      There are trails as I have shown on one of the last shipments from Ramsgate; there are big demos at Ramsgate at every sailing, as I have now shown with 4 videos on the site – KAALE and Stop live exports from Thanet are continually taking actions via their Facebook page and the KAALE website. George Eustice has been to Ramsgate at the invite of Kent MPs to see the trade at the port for himself. I have sent all the Ramsgate demo videos to Defra. Defra have been contacted in several departments on Friday re the sheep being exported last week in extreme heat. Eyes on Animals did the trail of vehicles to Germany last week, and did a report which I have published on the SAV site. I have written many times to Mr Van Goethem at the EU about exports – especially to Turkey. He says simply he can do nothing. I am open to other suggestions; please tell us what we need to do now and maybe we will try it.

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