Video Footage of British Sheep Exported To Germany For Ritual Slaughter.

We have been involved with live export work for around 26 years and intended to move away from this issue a bit more with the formation of SAV.  But once in your blood, it is often difficult to let go of campaigns that you have been involved with over such a long number of years.  So we are sticking with live export issues (on a global basis) and will be showing work, videos and updates to news which we consider is appropriate to the campaign.


You can see our recent post of the English demonstrations at Ramsgate port against the trade by going to:

The live export trade from the UK has almost been closed down over the years by very dedicated people / campaigners.  But all the footage in these videos relate to a Dutchman named Onderwater and his attempts to export English sheep to Europe for ritual slaughter at Eid.

With relation to the same live export investigation of British sheep for slaughter in Germany by convicted criminal Onderwater; we now have video footage from Lesley at Eyes on Animals in the Netherlands which can be seen from the observation team during the trail.

Here it is



Please go back to our original post – 

in order to see the link to the WRITTEN report of this investigation.  Note also that we have added this video to this post; which was not the case when it was first produced.  SAV.




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