Serbia: ‘Nani’ Baby Deer Latest 29/8/14 – She Is Still Alive, and We Now Await Homing Decision By Minister of Agriculture.

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‘Nani’ Baby Deer Latest – 29/8/14.


Firstly; Nani the deer is still alive, the most important thing.

Slavica and others in Serbia are still fighting very hard on this case with the Republic Veterinary Inspector; who visited Nani in her current holding at the facility of the Serbuina hunters on 26/8.

Now everyone is waiting for a final decision from the Minister of Agriculture to decide if (in agreement with Article 58 of Serbian laws for animal welfare) Nani will be able to return to her original home and to Mrs Dragana Mitic; who is considered to now be the mother of Nani.

Dragana visits Nani every day, and keeps a photographic record of her condition every day.  You can see some of the recent photographs in this post.

A very careful eye is now being kept on the hunters of Hunting Society `Hajduk Veljko` to monitor everything that they are doing.  After all, they have taken Nani and put her into this current situation.  She deserves to be back with Mrs Dragana Mitic and so this is now the aim, as it always has been; to return her to the lady who protects her and who Nani now regards as her mother.

As soon as we have a decision from the Minister of Agriculture we will inform you of the next development.



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4 Responses

  1. Please return the deer to its owner.

  2. No Nani should be safe with Mrs. Matic….if the police gets Nani to the forest, he is very wrong…..because the deer mother was killed by hunter…..Please save Nani with Mrs. Matic.

  3. This deer deserves more than to be hunted or caged in a zoo. It has a loving mother. Return this deer to it’s loving mother. Her heart must be breaking! You will lose this deer as it will founder from needing it’s home. PLEASE return this baby to it’s adoptive mother who has taken such good care of it. Have your ever tried to nature a wild animal? I have. It is no easy task to keep them thriving. This woman has obviously done a wonderful job caring for the deer or it would’ve already perished. PLEASE SEND THIS DEER HOME!
    Thank You.

  4. Please bring Nani back to his human mother!!!He will be safe with her….please serbian people be human!!!

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