The colorful “Schlachtplatte”.

The colorful “Schlachtplatte” and its manufacturers.

In the village next door to mine, I saw a sign in front of a restaurant.
It stood beside the road, under the chestnut trees, and was black with white border:
“Colorful Schlachtplatte.
You order, we slaughter.
Today fresh wild boar”!!

I quickly inspected the meadow, which is next to the restaurant, to check whether everything was in order with the 35 cows the farmer had.
I do it every day and so I’ve saved some of them from time to time.
Some who were tied with short chains and were screaming, some having full dripping udders, some up to their knees in the mud …
The veterinary office in my district has been very cooperative in all cases.

I know some of those are already part of the “colorful Schlachtplatte “.
But anyway, these macabre formulations do not bring my heart to the lawn.
This is how cannibals understand themselves, so the business works.
And if I am quite honest with myself, I think the farmer or the restaurant are not to blame for this crime.
The “colorful Schlachtplatte ” of my village (and every village) comes from demand.
Of all those who eat these animals.
Some order, others slaughter.
Those are the secondhand killers.
They are otherwise nice people, I meet and greet them every day in my runs or when shopping.

And every time I ask myself: how do we want to abolish the “colorful battle plate”?
This assumes that we will convince 7 billion of meat eaters to stop eating meat. At least meat.
On the other hand, the undercover information about devastation, sadism, animal cruelty of the “useful” animals in slaughterhouses and transports was never as extensive as today.
Even shocking documentaries are aired on public TV channels several times.
But the consumers do not change accordingly.
Obviously it is not enough with the Enlightenment to change the behavior of the people.
The gap between moral conviction and action must be bridged by other means.
It is time for the theorists to think about it and explain, how we can get people to do the right thing.
Until then, I see myself forced to continue with small steps and great hope.





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