Spain: Constitutional Court Overturns Catalonian Ban On Bullfighting. They Say It Is ‘Spanish Heritage’ !! ? !!



SAV Comment – the court should have really said that ‘abusing animals is part of Spanish religious heritage’ as everyone around the world knows.  What a pathetic situation, where Catalonia attempts to do the right thing, only to be overridden by people who live way back in the primitive religious past.  Catalonia, we wish you independence – get out of the EU and get your own regulations back.  No doubt we will see a return of the inquisition in the near future – it was part of heritage you know !


Spain’s constitutional court has overturned a ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, declaring it unconstitutional.

The court said bullfighting was part of Spanish heritage and therefore any decision on banning it could only be taken by central government.

Bullfighting was banned in Catalonia in 2010 on the grounds that it was incompatible with Catalan tradition.

Analysts say similar laws in other regions could now also be reversed.

Catalonia became the second Spanish region after the Canary Islands to ban the tradition. Bans are also being debated in the Balearic Islands and several Spanish municipalities.

Spain is a Christian nation, where cruelty to animals is a national heritage, a birthright that can never and will never be banned, at least not so long as christianity is the state religion. Spain may have a secular monarch, but is ruled by the vatican, by a pope who sees nothing wrong with a fine veal dinner, who tells us ordered use and responsible dominion are the equivalent of compassion…. And so Bullfighting, though challenged by those whose compassion has not been completely numbed by dominion, goes on. It has been declared a national heritage that can not be banned, not even by the state of Catalan. No state in Spain may ban bullfighting


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