China: Yulin ‘Festival’ Video To Watch – Then Sign and Crosspost The Petition. VERY SHORT TIME Left To Act.


Dear friends,

Already 2 million of us have joined, but we only have days until the festival starts.

Click to watch and share this powerful new video — let’s get to 3 million and create the biggest buzz ever to stop this dog torture!

There are only a couple of weeks now to really make a difference with this – the ‘festival’ is scheduled for later in June.

Please sign and crosspost – SAV.

WARNING – Disturbing video, showing plenty of animal cruelty and suffering.

All the more reason to spread this and get loads more signatures.

Youtube version of same video –

get involved 2PrintPetition 2



And some of our recent SAV posts on Yulin:




3 Responses

  1. Signed and shared let’s hope they wake up to the reality the world doesn’t want this!!!

    • Fingers and toes crossed. If we can make 3 million then a chance maybe. Good to see that many Chinese are now even against this.

  2. it is a bloody shame ! stop this at once

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