England: Live Animal Export Protests By Dutchman ‘Onderwater’ – Ramsgate, Kent – 24/8/17.


Here is some footage of the protests against live animal exports at Ramsgate, Kent, England, on 24/8/17.




English campaigners have stopped the live export trade after more than 25 years of campaigning; but now there is still one (periodic) exporter left – Johannes Onderwater; a Dutchman who exports British sheep to the EU. 

The animals here in the video mainland are going for ritual slaughter in mainland Europe for the festival of Eid which starts on 31/8.

There are no English exporters (hauliers) involved – they were stopped by protest and legal action a long time ago.  Only Dutch Onderwater remains now, but he will probably stop once Eid gets under way.  He has not exported from the UK for many months, but is now doing a trade with live sheep for sacrificial slaughter at Eid.  He has been using Ramsgate for the last week or so, getting out as many sheep to the EU as he can.

A good turn out by UK protesters as always, those who detest this trade and let it be known.  Large turn out by the police also but they really do not know how to handle it now.  They are protecting a trade in live animals which is legal under EU rules.   This is why it will be so much better when the UK gets out of the EU, which will be within the next few years.  The UK will be in charge of its own regulations and not have to put up with crap from the EU as we do currently.  The EU makes the rules but cannot enforce them, even when presented with clear evidence of abuses.

UK campaigners will fight to ensure that on the day the UK officially leaves the EU, UK legislation will be in place and ready to stop live animal exports from the UK. 

If other nations in the EU did the same, then the trade could be slowed.  But who else is currently leaving the EU ? – nobody. 

So the UK goes it alone at the moment; but other member states will leave over time – we think that is a definite !

Pictures – Val C.




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