UK / EU: Where Are We ? – Going Somewhere ? – Feelings From The Dogs Mouth.


The simple fact is, that if the EU actually enforced its own regulations and laws, then the UK may have voted to stay in the EU.

Now, JC Junker – ‘Sir Lampshade’ –    is  doing what he does best; pretending that the EU is ‘oh so wonderful’ whilst at the same time trying to threaten the UK in order that other member states in the EU don’t even dare consider leaving !

The UK is (currently – until it shuts the door) the SECOND biggest financial contributor to the EU.  And so, when the UK walks out the EU door for the last time, the EU can guarantee that it will not be getting financial contributions from the nation that pays in almost more than anyone else – the UK.

So the EU then has to make up this large financial shortfall by going round to all the other member states and asking; or is  that demanding ? – yes demanding, that they all contribute more money to make up for the blank void now left by the UK leaving.  That will go down well across the EU we dont think; especially with some member states who currently appear to want to take everything they can from the EU, whilst contributing (financially) very little in return.

The EU has already given Billions of Euros to Serbia.  The EU is by far the biggest donor to Serbia with more than €2.6 billion (as of January 2014 – ) for example as a ‘softener’ for when it becomes an EU member state. 

As we have shown on this very site for many years, Serbia is not even enforicng the ‘rule of law’ within (its own nation) Serbia; which we are all told is a requirement for nations to show if thy want EU membership – ‘enforcement of the rule of law’ – a fundamental for EU membership: 

If Serbia WERE to enforce its own rules of law, then we would actually be witnessing animal shelters throughout Serbia being constructed, maintained and operated to standards that would give the best of welfare to animals taken from the streets.  See more about this at:

But we don’t.  The enforcement of the ‘rule of law’ is one of the common values upon which the European Union is founded. It is enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union – check it out:

As Serbia is NOT enforcing the rule of law; one tends to think that Serbia should not become an EU member state.  If this is the case, then should the EU be throwing billions of Euros its way as a softener for membership ?

The next big question is, now the UK is leaving the EU and taking its financial contributions with it; other EU states will have to contribute more financially into the EU ‘club’ – fact.  That means Serbia effectively would have a larger membership ‘bill’ than that currently being thrown around.  Will Serbia pay this ? – or does Serbia leave the EU even before it has become a member ? – “thanks EU, we have taken your billions in financial support, but now we are staying out of the club” !

Jean Claude Junker (above) is trying to screw as much money from the UK before it leaves as he can; so that he can then carry a smaller begging bowl to all ‘his’ other contributor member states when he has to ask them for more cash.  I

n the article at the top of this post, the UK has, via the Bank of England, this last month; undertaken extensive research into the UK financial position when it leaves the EU.  All the doom and gloom ‘project fear’ predictions made by those (David Cameron and others) who waned to scare us all into an ‘essential to stay as an EU member’ has now been proven wrong – as this same article shows.

It is the EU who is in crisis, not the UK.  Germany and its powerhouse leader ‘Mrs Merkel’ does not even seem to be able to form a government post very recent elections.  There may be another election in Germany as a result in the coming months.  We have seen that some other member states have serious concerns about the way the EU is going; there is even talk of them leaving, but Sir Junker will ensure, with his hard talk and threats o the UK, that o other EU member state dares to leave him in Ivory Tower. “Look what will happen and how you will suffer like the UK from EU punishment if you do”; are his fumbled words.

Why are we here ? – because the EU cannot enforce its own rules and regulations. 

Ask the EU animals being transported to Turkey every single day if they are being protected, even when passing through the EU by animals in transport (EU) Regulation 1/2005 ? – we think the answer from them would be a 100% ‘NO’.

So why pay money into a club that has the inability to enforce its own regulations ?

The EU is doomed – we all know this; even Sir Lampshade.

Martin Schultz and JC Junker

Will others join the UK by leaving ? –  we will have to wait and see.  Maybe Junker and Tusk will get their way and threaten other member states so much that they dare even think of leaving the EU club.

Meanwhile, in our opinion, the UK should jut pack its bags; go over to WTO legislation and then simply walk away.  If Mr Junker and Tusk are so good, lets see them find the solution.

The EU enforcing EU Regulations would be a good start, but we doubt this will ever happen.

Ho Hum !

Dogs Mouth x





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