England: Jill Tribute – Song Which Cannot Be Accessed Via Old Post.


Regarding the popular post about Jill at the moment, it seems you cannot get the musical tribute link from the post now.


So here it is for anyone who wants to listen.

The words written throughout the tribute say it all really.

The videos of the British animal rights movement (Jill’s Film) on the above link are well worth a look.

Warrior of the Rainbow – Jill.




28/11/17 – Things have finally just about finished for the live animals for slaughter and further fattening trade from the UK.  There is still one operator – a Dutchman named ‘Onderwater who operates on a very sporadic schedule now – maybe a few times every quarter year.

UK organisations are now campaigning really hard to ensure that on the day the UK leaves the EU, live animal exports from the UK will be banned in legislation.  This has been impossible all the time the UK is part of the EU; but with independence, the UK will take back control and make its own laws rather than those from a pathetic EU.

So finally, we have really reached the point that Jill campaigned so hard for.  We will see it through to the end – and live animal exports from the UK WILL BE BANNED.


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