Various News – 3/12/17.

Lets start with a good news story – well done Mark !

Mark G. was on the job in Media, Pennsylvania, emptying trash bins into his truck when he noticed something quite unusual — movement coming from inside one of the bags.

The kind trash worker opened the bag, and found a tiny calico kitten trapped inside.

Mark immediately called animal control, and the lucky kitty was soon taken in by Providence Animal Center. The baby feline was too small to be adopted right away, so workers at the center — who lovingly named her Grundgetta after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend — cared for her until she was old enough to be fostered.

Update from after the video: After thriving with a foster family, Grundgetta — now renamed Agatha — is living a happy and healthy life in her forever home. Thank you, Mark, for saving this lovely kitty from what could have been a terrible fate.

Grundgetta/Agatha’s story is just one more reason to always adopt your next companion animal, and not buy them from breeders. When you bring home a rescue cat, you give a deserving animal a second chance at life!


Manhattan DA office now has exclusive animal cruelty team.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has just launched a new team, tasked exclusively with investigating cases of animal cruelty.

Previously, these cases would have been sent out to a string of different parts of the DA’s office. Now, cases for abused and neglected animals now have a place of their own in the Animal Cruelty Program (ACP).

Read more at:



Dogs Bark ok !

It is crazy that a Judge decides that they have to debark dogs because they bark. Of course they bark, they are dogs. It’s like wanting to cut horses’ legs because they run. Dogs are not guilty of barking, it is part of their nature, that is why they should not debark them.

Some neighbors complained because a couple´s dogs barked and so filed a complaint in a court. The dogs are shepherd, they take care of the herd of a family, that is that they are not only pets but also they realize a work.

I think it’s crazy for dogs to undergo this surgery and the pain. You should simply look for other options and not mutilate them. Never the mutilation of a body is the solution of something. For some reason this surgical procedure is prohibited in many states.

I ask the Oregon Court of Appeals to review their position and try to find an alternative solution.


Elephant Freed After 40 Years a Slave for Human Entertainment

Priyanka, a 44-year-old elephant, is finally experiencing freedom after life in captivity for over 40 years. Through a carefully planned rescue that began over a year ago, Wildlife SOS, with the help of the Forest Department and police, saved Priyanka from continuing a life of abuse for human entertainment.

Illegally owned, threatened with bull hooks and chains, Priyanka spent most of her life on the hot streets of India, relentlessly subjected to people climbing and riding her every day. As evidenced by her veterinary examination upon arrival at the sanctuary, she was malnourished and suffering. Her treatment by her previous owners resulted in a slew of injuries. Her hind legs are twisted unnaturally, and an X-ray shows fractures in both hind feet. Her eye exam indicates she is likely going blind. And she has fungal ear and trunk infections along with a host of parasites.


When it comes to rehabilitating captive elephants, Wildlife SOS believe it is essential not just to focus on the physiological but also the psychological recovery as well and socializing with their own kind plays a very significant role in this process. After decades of suffering alone, we are helping Priyanka bond with other rescued elephants at the #ElephantConservationandCareCenter and we made an attempt to help her befriend our lovely dumpling, Laxmi! Since the team was concerned about their reactions to each other, the interaction between Priyanka and Laxmi was conducted with safety precautions & closely monitored. We just couldn’t wait to share with all our supporters this priceless moment of Priyanka’s first interaction, which has been made possible because of your kind support! However, we are still looking for 65 more people to make a $10 monthly pledge to help cover her medical and general care.

Help Stop Donkeys from Dying for ‘Medicine’ in China

Shocking eyewitness footage from Chinese farms shows donkeys being hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Their throats are then slit, and they’re left to die before being used to make so-called “medicine.” Please message the ambassador of China to the U.S. immediately to help stop this.


Urge to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps

Elephants used for rides and other interactions are controlled under the constant threat of violence and routinely kept chained. Dozens of travel companies have turned their backs on facilities that abuse animals for entertainment—urge to follow suit and stop supporting elephant camps immediately.

Action –,%20Left%20to%20Die::::peta%20e-news&


Dog Leather on Store Shelves?

Many of the leather items that you’ll see for sale this holiday season may have been made from dogs barbarically slaughtered for their skin. Your year-end gift today will immediately support PETA’s groundbreaking work to expose and stop cruelty to all animals, including those suffering for fashion.


Kelly Miller Circus Closes Down, BCBG Bans Fur and Angora Wool, and More

Your actions and support have made many victories for animals possible. Wait until you see Isaac the steer’s new sanctuary home!


Top Animal Wins !


17 Pictures That Sum Up ‘Humane Meat’

So just how humane is “humane meat”? Take a look at these 17 photographs, taken on “humane,” “free-range,” “small-scale,” “organic,” “family-operated,” and similarly pleasant-sounding farms—and decide for yourself.

View Them here:,%20Left%20to%20Die::::peta%20e-news



Stop Killing Elephants to Make Jewelry and Souvenirs

Poachers are slaughtering elephants in order to turn their skins into leather jewelry and trinkets, which are then shipped to China.

These elephants will go extinct unless steps are taken now to protect them. Sign this petition to demand that poachers and smugglers be harshly punished in order to stop the elephant slaughter.

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