Urgent Action – Help 6 Bile Farm Bars Get Rescued NOW By Animals Asia.

We’ve just received an urgent call about six moon bears in desperate need of rescue from a bear bile farm in Vietnam.

We don’t have any pictures of the poor bears, but when we went to the farm in 2011 on another rescue mission, the scenes we were met with would have broken your heart…

Bears missing limbs, and with deep wounds, pacing manically backwards and forwards in their tiny cages. Or else lying on the bars of their cages, broken and defeated after years of confinement and abuse.

We have to get these six desperate moon bears out of this place.


We know precious little about bears, they don’t even have names. All we know is that they are three girls, and three boys. And that right now, they have nobody.

They’ve been suffering for many years in this hellhole. Repeatedly stabbed with a four-inch needle to harvest their gallbladder bile. And that the farmer has agreed to hand them over, they could be in very poor condition, or suffering with serious disease.

We must act fast to save these precious bears. Donate now >>

With bear hugs of hope,

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO

PS These six abused bears deserve so much better! A gift from you today could help send emergency rescue teams to the sides of these suffering bears. Please send help.

PPS ‘Like’ our Facebook page.for updates about these desperate moon bears. With your help we will do everything we can to bring them home. Thank you in advance.

Any funds raised beyond the cost of the rescue, quarantine and vet care will be used to care for all the bears living in our sanctuaries.



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