Ho Ho Ho ! – Christmas Greetings.



We call this time a quiet, silent, holy time.
Many think it is the celebration of love.
The best proof of this is, that God sent His Son to Earth to give love and peace to the people.

Although we speak of love during this time, we are doing something completely different.
With the animals.

The silent and holy night that we humans sing solemnly by candlelight, and accompany with animal corpses on our table, is for our fellow creatures another night, a night in hell, as well as every other night.

The piglet in the animal factory behind bars, lonely and injured, the dehorned cow on the chain that calls her newborn, the goose with the sick liver that can no longer stand, the chicken waiting for the transport, the furry animal in the cage suspecting his death …

As we Christians sing our Christmas carols and celebrate the feast of love, millions of our fellow creatures in the animal factories will fall victim to love, our love for human beings.

And while our children play the traditional game of ox and donkey, we will prepare the Christmas menu, the festive meal of love, and fill our belly with body parts of lamb, suckling pig, turkey, and whole.

We the liars, the Pharisees, the criminals of this world.

My best regards



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